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More than 60% of Porsche drivers in Germany are also at PFF.*

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The PFF Directory

Visitors to the PFF Porsche Board share a passion. It is the passion for a car brand that has written and continues to write in Germany and continues to do so. The name Porsche has been associated with the same desires for generations. They tell of freedom and the driving experience, of technology and design, of luxury and constant new self-discovery. As a sports car manufacturer, Porsche has succeeded like no other carmaker in creating myths on four wheels. The PFF Porsche Board celebrates the very typical Porsche feeling. Porsche drivers experience it individually time and again, it is based on unique driving pleasure and driving experience. What could be better than than sharing this special Porsche feeling with like-minded people? Join the PFF Porsche Board!

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Absenkbarer Motorradanhänger: Pflege und Wartung für langanhaltende Urlaubsfreude

Kurvige Bergstraßen entdecken, schnurgerade Wald- und Landstraßen runterrasen oder mit dem Motorrad an die Küste, an einem ruhigen Plätzchen stehen bleiben und den Blick über die endlose Weite des Meeres schweifen lassen: All diese Möglichkeiten werden für freiheitsliebende Urlauber spielerisch Realität dank eines Motorradanhänger. read more

Vision: How Porsche uses venture capital to strengthen its innovative power

Porsche AG has been systematically developing a start-up ecosystem since 2016. Its venture capital unit, Porsche Ventures, now has employees at five locations in Luxembourg, Berlin, Palo Alto, Tel Aviv, and Shanghai. read more

The Porsche Museum

It's a must for anyone interested in Porsche - a visit to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen. Built in 2009, it not only offers a good overview of the history of the sports car manufacturer, but also special temporary exhibitions. read more
Business & Lifestyle in PFF

General topics on business and lifestyle find their place in this forum.

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Discussions in a Porsche Forum - what is it all about?

The PFF Porsche Forum is one of the world's largest online contact points for Porsche enthusiasts and those who want to become one. More than 70,000 members, 240,000 users (members and guests) per month exchange information, give advice, Porsche purchase advice or repair tips. What they have in common is that they are afflicted by Porsche's viur and they love it. Membership of the PFF is free of charge. For Porsche drivers and Porsche fans it is also extremely valuable. Because here they receive first-hand information, tips and tricks from genuine Porsche experts, new perspectives on the vehicles from the Zuffenhausen sports car forge and a unique variety of topics in a community of people who tick very similarly.

Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Macan, Porsche Taycan, Porsche Panamera, Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayman, or of course Porsche 911, the 911 legend with the current Porsche 992 - no matter which Porsche model - in the PFF Porsche Forum you will find everything you should know about the vehicle, its special features, its pitfalls and its technical data. Here, discussions are held to put new models to the test. Or they are compared with vehicles of the competition. What changes can be seen from model to model? How are they received? What do you like? What is fun or what is actually not needed? The PFF Porsche Community gets to the heart of the legend without fear of contact.

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Buy a Porsche? Porsche buying advice at PFF

Prospective Porsche owners will find particularly valuable information in the forum. After all, who better to report on the everyday life of a Porsche driver than those who drive him every day? The PFF Porsche Forum is the ideal meeting place to ask for experience reports and purchase recommendations. After all, a Porsche is and remains a not inconsiderable investment. From the 911 to the Taycan, the PFF Porsche Board offers decision support. It simply makes sense to obtain information from the Porsche dealer or Porsche Centre before your visit to ask the right questions. At PFF they do not remain unanswered. The pros and cons of all Porsche models are given a wide scope here. Over 5,000 topics covering every conceivable detail provide a deep insight into what makes Porsche driving and what drives Porsche drivers. The PFF now counts more than three million contributions. Put very simply: If it doesn't exist at PFF, there's no such thing.

Also current topics are taken up thereby again and again: How is Porsche's handling of the challenge posed by the diesel particulate matter problem perceived? How are Porsche's business decisions received by the driver community? How does Porsche hold its own in the competition with Tesla for alternative drive technologies and autonomous driving?

Both real Porsche experts and technology freaks, as well as newcomers, take part in the PFF Porsche Forum. The advantage is: No matter what level of knowledge you have about Porsche, you can expand it here or share it with others. You will find suggestions and helpful tips in the Forum on every corner, so to speak - for laymen and true professionals alike. Whether detailed questions about certain functions, driving reports or repair tips, in the PFF the knowledge gain is included. Reading it also gives you a feeling for what makes Porsche so enthusiastic. Because the members let you share in it. How the body presses itself into the seat when the accelerator pedal is depressed, how the sound reverberates and accelerates the vehicle - Porsche drivers always describe this experience authentically. They share their driving pleasure and moments of surprise. It's simply fun to read and participate in the descriptions and photo reports. Of course, more painful experiences with Porsche models, annoyances when buying a Porsche or damage are also part of the problems discussed here. The community shares suffering as well as joy and can help in some cases.

Also lovers of Porsche oldtimers and youngtimers enrich the site again and again. The PFF is a platform for fans of historic vehicles, which are no longer only of amateur value. Porsche 356, Porsche 928, Porsche 924, Porsche 944 and Porsche 968, Porsche 914 and Porsche 912 - the older Porsche models have long since become a form of investment in low-interest periods. A Porsche as an investment? Why not? Whether youngtimer or oldtimer - investors can profit from the increase in value. The engine sound of the past is unique and worth preserving. It has a historical significance that can pay off in cash. PFF offers tips for buying a classic car, such as experience with appraisals and special insurances. In addition, you will also find event notes on Porsche Meeting, which can help you in your search for a historic vehicle.

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PFF - Showroom and Porsche Board

There is nothing that PPF visitors love more than to show photos of their Porsches. The PFF is a showroom for special photos of special vehicles in front of special backdrops. Whether photos from the annual PFF meeting or from the garage at home, vehicle details or snapshots from the last drive - the many Porsche pictures speak the language of unbroken enthusiasm for a driving legend. Of course, sales offers are also equipped with photos. Buy a Porsche at the PFF Porsche Forum? This is also possible. Because the members provide the purchase advice in their own Porsche Marketplace. They question offers critically, point out details, compare and negotiate. In this way, the PFF marketplace is also a place for purchase information.

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The myth of Porsche in the forum

If you are looking for an explanation for the effect of Porsche, you can find it at PFF. Because the contributions have one thing in common: they speak the language of uniqueness. Just as the Porsche models are constantly reinventing themselves, since 1963 they have had the same typical design language that makes it clear at first sight: this is a Porsche. This uniqueness is the brand essence of the sports car manufacturer. The agility, also in terms of demand, is also typical of Porsche. The individuality of the vehicles is fought for again and again. Porsche has retained it from model to model despite increasing sales figures. This makes the Porsche a true icon of automotive history.

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