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    hi dear Schocki,

    I like your support... keep it up!!

    Actually my porsche has been imported from Japan where AC is useless, which means AC was stopped for long time.. later on i filled it with 134 American gas.. and then i tried it but was little cooling.. even you can not feel it.. later on AC got damaged.. but now no more, it is not cooling..

    anyway i will do the best to help my porsche.. give me more about servicing..

    looking for you again..

    Thanks a lot

    Ali Nasser

    Thanks a lot brothers,

    yab notyboy i meant The Air conditioner compressor.. i will tyr to refurbish insteade of purcheasing new one. As you said.. acutally there is black substance melted and throwing around the compressor. also you can smell like burnt rubber and you hear abnormal sound because of moving the outer part (circular shap) in front of compressor pulley..

    tell me more brothers I like to hear form you gays..

    I will refer to Mike (sports car parts)..


    Ali Nasser

    Hi gents :wink: ,

    My 944 s2 1990, start crying.. I need to do first line maintenance, such as oil filter, air filter , Belts (including T-belt), brake pads and so on..

    I am the 2nd owner of this porsche, i am not sure about T-belt condition and when did get replacement..

    So, please could anyone here give me any trust links from e-bay to purchase those things and is there any technique to check T-belt condition.. :hilferuf:

    another thing, Air compressor got damage and i need to replace it.. i need e-bay links

    Best Regards,

    Ali Nasser.