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    "Macan" - dieser putzige, indonesische Name für "Panthera tigris" (Leipziger/sächsische PORSCHE-Werks-Diktion: "Diescher" :])) - erhält mit Zusatz von "c" bzw. "k" und "e" eine mehr primatenartige Bedeutung. Wenn man sich die indonesische Sprechweise von "Macan" im GOOGLE-Übersetzer anhört (Link: Im linken Textfeld unten rechts das Lautsprechersymbol ankllicken), dann klingt das nicht so wirklich porschemäßig-sportiv ("Geschmeidigkeit, Kraft, Faszination und Dynamik ... " lt. Pressemeldung): Eher wie "Mádscha" ?:-(.
    Dem Erfolg dieser ersten Baureihe auf "MLB evo"-Plattform wird es wohl keinen Abbruch tun ...

    So ist es, Rainer.
    Q3 und Tiguan haben die gleiche Plattform, der Q5 teilt sich die Plattform, wenn ich mich nicht ganz vertue, mit dem A4 und A5
    By the way, unser neuer Q3 fährt sich extrem gut
    Gruss, Wolfgang

    AutoBild, Audi TT: Vorschau - 17.01.2012
    AUDI geht dem TT ans Blech

    " ... Nun haben die Ingolstädter auch den Q4 abgenickt. Er ist für 2016 geplant und baut bereits auf der zweiten Q5-Generation namens MLB evo auf, die auch technische Basis für den PORSCHE Cajun wird. "

    (Text in: Bildergalerie des Artikels, Abbildung 10)

    Wer hat´s erfunden ... ? :old:

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    Der Cayenne II-Klon "Hemera" der Londoner ETERNITI MOTORS, Ltd. (Teaser-Sound-File auf deren Website) wird kommende Woche auf der IAA präsentiert werden (Halle 6.1, Stand A80). Kommunizierte Eckdaten: 620 PS (456 kW/611 hp), >180 mph (>290 km/h), £150,000 (€171,000/$240,000), Produktion ab 2012. Chef-Entwickler ist Alastair MacQUEEN, Marken-Botschafter Johnny HERBERT, d.h. der Walter RÖHRL von ETERNITY MOTORS.

    Presse-Meldung vom 05.09.2011:


    Eterniti Hemera - The World’s First Super-SUV
    Eterniti Motors, Stand A80, Hall 6.1

    Eterniti Motors, the recently announced new British car company, will make its public debut at the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA) on 13 September.

    Eterniti is an independent, boutique British luxury carmaker, uniquely based in London. The company aims to satisfy a growing demand for additional luxury, personalised specifications and exclusivity among car buyers, particularly in major cities and global wealth centres.

    The company’s first car will reflect this. The Hemera will be the world’s first Super-SUV, providing new levels of luxury, space and performance in an SUV to create a new niche. It will feature a limousine-like rear cabin, including twin reclining seats, iPads and a drinks chiller, giving customers the option of being chauffeured as well as driving. But with compact dimensions, 4x4 ruggedness and dynamic performance, it is also both practical and retains driver appeal.

    The Hemera will be shown in Frankfurt as a prototype, with production and deliveries to start in 2012. It is based on the latest generation of the best large SUV platform available (;)), which will undergo a chassis-up rebuild, with a new, repackaged interior, carbon-composite body panels and additional performance.

    Eterniti is backed by a group of international investors and has been established by people who have a passion for cars. The
    team has extensive experience in retailing some of the most prestigious British and European luxury and high-performance
    car brands, in markets from the UK to Asia-Pacific. It has further experience in the development and manufacture of high-end components and motor sport.

    The engineering team is led by Alastair Macqueen, who was responsible for the development of the Jaguar XJ220 supercar to production and has won the Le Mans 24-Hour race with both Jaguar and Bentley. Eterniti also has its very own F1 driver, Johnny Herbert, like Macqueen victorious at Le Mans but in addition a winner of three Grands Prix during a 10-year Formula 1 career. Johnny will have an active involvement in developing Eterniti vehicles as well as serving as an ambassador for the brand.

    Eterniti is establishing a London hub featuring a showroom, car build and service centre, and a separate atelier where customers can discuss their requirements and create a bespoke specification for their cars, which will be hand-built on site by British craftsmen and technicians. The London facilities will open later this year, with further showrooms in key international cities to follow from 2012.

    More information will be made available at the IAA. Eterniti’s press conference will take place at the Eterniti stand at 14.15 on 13 September.


    Undisguised 2012 Porsche 911 caught in Germany

    By Jonathon Ramsey
    Posted Aug 7th 2011 9:59AM

    [Blocked Image:]

    An astute Porschephile noticed a 2012 Porsche 911 at a gas station in Stuttgart and went to work. Following the brown coupe through the pumps then out to the street, he captured the sight and sounds of the car codenamed 991 from just about every angle before it roared off. We'll see the final version at next month's Frankfurt Auto Show, but in the meantime, check out the video after the jump, and note the intriguing appendage that appears to be covering the sunroof opening.…ilpage&v=aFNRrygIzAA#t=0s

    Hot Audi diesel for Porsche
    06 June 2011

    Audi will provide Porsche with its Q5 platform and hot new V6 twin-turbodiesel for the latter’s new baby Cajun off-roader as part of deepening ties between the two VW Group members.

    The tie-up is designed to align the two brands more closely, saving R&D and component costs.

    The first Audi model to get the 309bhp, 479lb ft 3.0-litre V6 diesel will be this new range-topping version of the facelifted Q5, due early next year (pictured).

    Among the Audi models earmarked to receive the new diesel engine are the A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8 and Q7, according to Axel Eisner, Audi’s head of engine development.

    He denied speculation that the motor will underpin a new line of diesel-powered S models, but admitted that work is also progressing on a twin-turbocharged four-cylinder oil-burner.