Oil in my coolant

  • Hallo meine Deutche freunde,

    I have a problem. My oil is like a chocolate color. It seems like I have antifreeze in my oil. Also I have oil in my coolant. Has any one had this sort of problem and how did you fix it? I would like to hear your stories.

    veilen Dank,
    Herr Frank von Schuster ;)

  • Hello,

    I´ve got the same problem.

    You have a connection between the cooling and the oilsystem.

    In most cases one of the sealings of the oil-water-heatexchanger is broken.

    Tschoe, Guido

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  • Hi Frank,

    as Guido said, u maybe have a prob w/ure exchanger but it also could be a prob w/ure Cylinder head sealing (as seen on all my BMW's).
    I hope u know that driving with a oil/water mixture will definately ruin ure engine !!!
    Fix it soon cuz the water will cause corrosion inside ure engine even when ure not driving.



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