he Gruesse aur Sued Korea

  • Hallo und Gruesse aus Geoje, Sued Korea.

    Ich bin der Erik, Belgier, 45 und arbeite, wohne hier in Geoje, Sued Korea. Verheiratet, ein Son und ein Hund und alle infektet mit das Porsche Virus.
    Deutsch is nicht meine Muttersprache deswegen weiter in English...

    I have been reading the PFF forum long time but only now I decided to register. My current Porsche is a 997 4S VFL in GT Silber, I do like the car.
    The 997 is not my first Porsche here in Korea as I was driving a Boxster and Cayenne Diesel before.
    The Porsche scenery in Korea is fantastic and you find Porsche is most exotic colours, a bit different than the black cars in Europe. Porsche service is not that dense but the service is absolutely fantastic.
    Unfortunately the law here is that cars older than 15 years can not be registered which means no oldtimer scenery.
    Other than that, South Korea is a fantastic country to life and is very safe with almost no crime.
    There exist a Porsche Club Korea with lots of dedicated members and lots of nice cars.

    Enough for a first introduction... Wish everybody a nice weekend and a safe driving.

    Mfg, Erik

  • Welcome to the PFF-Club :blumengruss:
    What about some pics for introducing your car to all the followers here? We'll enjoy it. :thumb:
    Have fun in Korea with your fancy vehicle :headbange although you've got a speed limit :still:

    VG/Stefan :wink:

  • Hi Erik!

    A warm welcome here. :blumengruss: Have fun with you 911
    I am once in a while in Seoul and sometimes I can see some Porsche. I did not know about the law that no cars older than 15 years are allowed. Unbelievable. That is a pity.

    Best regards

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  • Danke!

    This weekend I will upload some pictures.
    The streets are good or very good.
    The speed limit is 100 km/h on the highway, but all speed traps are indicated 2 km and 400 m in advance,and shown on every nav system + the pictures are taken from the front so in daylight you can easily see the cameras. :D
    Most highways you need to pay but relatively cheap and in return you get a fantastic road.
    Only problem in Korea is that it is crowded so lots of cars on the road.

    There are a few race tracks as well which are new and with good facilities, the one close to Seoul (Inje) has even the hotel on the track, with every hotel room direct view on the circuit!
    The Mokpo F1 circuit is nice as well, but basically no infrastructure near by, this the main reason they lost the F1 2 years ago...

    With the Porsche club we drive early Sunday mornings, meet at the Porsche centre 600 am and drive till noon. In winter time this is 700 am so Koreans are early birds!

  • Hi Erik,

    welcome here and a lot of fun with your 997 in south Korea! :blumengruss:

    Best regards from Bavaria, :wink:

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