Just to say " Hi " to everybody in this great forum.

  • Helllo to all of you, :wink:

    Infact I am so happy (; to be one member of this forum. Let me get your support and assist on taking care of my 944 S2. I am Ali Nasser from Sultanat of Oman ?:-( 24 years, Have you been there? anyone knows about it !! HHH. Anyway this is my pleasure to be here. Unfortunately, I am going to deal with you only by English and I hope that will not stop you for giving me help.

    By the way, I am welcoming Dr944S2 and thanking him for giving me perfect support.

    Best Regards :thumb:

    Ali Nasser.

  • Hi Ali,

    great to have you in our forum. A very warm welcome from me. I think for most of us English will be not the problem. Thus feel free to post you problems with your S2 in English. We'll try to do our best.



  • Hi Ali,

    welcome and English is no problem at all. Great support here for your car guaranteed :thumb:

    Schocki :khat:

    1987 944 Turbo, R.I.P. :pop:
    1991 944 S2, Kobaltblau, verkauft :wink:
    1972 911 T Targa, Geminiblau aka "Shelley" :saint:
    1992 928 GTS, Amazonasgrün aka "Das Phantom" :evil:

    It's not the speed that kills you, it's the sudden stop :old:.

  • Hi Ali,

    English is a nice language. Have fun with your S2 :drive:

    Wer den GSi 16V nicht ehrt, ist den S2 nicht wert.

  • Hi Ali,

    welcome in our forum! :blumengruss:

    You are 24 jears old and drive Porsche 944? Congratulations! I was never been in Oman, but tell us: Are there many Porsches, first of all 944?

    Greethings from Bavaria to Oman, :wink:

    928 GTS 93er Schalter *Indischrot*

    928 S4 88er Strosek Schalter *Indischrot*
    928 S4 91er Automat *nachtblau*

    928 GT 90er *schwarz*

    964 WTL 94er *schiefergrau*

    Mobil 01711686461

  • Hi Ali,

    a very warm welcome to PFF. :wink:

    I hope you'll find the support you need and have fun with your 944. (great car :drive:)

    Regards, Bernie

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