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  • Hail to you, Porsche maniacs!!! I don't speak German very well, so I'll go on in English. Need your advice on how to choose a 944 to buy, since there is a big variety of versions. Here, in Yugoslavia, we don't have many Porsches, no skilled mechanics, service garages, spare parts etc, so I guess it will be real NIGHTMARE to keep my future-to-be 944 in a good condition. Even though I curently drive a 92/BMW 318i (Deutsche autos ueber alles!!!), my biggest dream is to own the beautiest and hottest car-944! I plan to do all the maintenance work myself, as I want to enjoy that car all the way (I'm very skilled at mechanics and electronics and my BMW is in excellent condition thanks to my skills and knowledge).I'd really appreciate if somebody would correspond this "cry for help of a brother in arms". Main cretiria for making choice are: easiest as possible for do-yourself-maintenance, accessability of spare parts, not too expencive to handle,etc. By the way, this Forum is the best thing I've ever seen on the net so far, my congratulations to the Founders and webmasters.Thanks for help.Keep Porsching!!! Joste

  • Hello Joste,

    you can study the different types of Porsche 944 on my page >> just click on 944er above in the menu !
    I recommend you to buy a 944 I, II oder S2, if you want it easy as possible for doing-yourself.
    Here are two pictures who shows the difference between the 944 I and the 944 II:

    The 944 I (up to 9/1985) got this interieur:
    [Blocked Image:]

    The 944 II (9/1985 and earlier) and the 944 S2 got this interieur:
    [Blocked Image:]

    The optical difference between the 944 (I+II)an the 944 S2 are the front and the rear. Just have a look at my page - the 944 S2 looks just similar to the 944 Turbo/Turbo S.
    You can get all the technical Informations on my page ("technische Daten").
    I also got some help for purchasing a 944 on my page (click on Tipps and then on Kaufberatung), but it is only available in german. Hope you'll find a good one!

    Greetings from Heidelberg,

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  • Hey Yugoslavia ????

    dow you want to speak na nasem ili na engleskom ??? ;) ))

    evo ti Mail ako imas pitanja: ili ICQ broj: 101348988

    Ja imam i vozim 944 S2. i po zanimanju sam mechanicar.


  • Hi Joste,

    the Porsche 944 is a good choice. It is very user and mechanic friendly :-) No much electronics.

    I´ve got a 85er 944. I repair everything for myself, even changing of the timing belt, head of the engine etc.

    You don´t need any special tools, as for Daimler.

    If you have any special questions, don´t hesitate to ask me.

    Tschoe, Guido

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  • Hi Joste,

    why don´t you have a look at the following pages:

    Here you can find out all about maintenance. I consider myself to be very skilled at mechanics and as a matter of fact I´ve done all repairing on my BMW´s for yaers but with a porsche it´s something different. First of all you need some expensive tools especially for Porsche e.g. porsche timing belt tension tool and a lot of time. Things that can be done one a BMW just after work are much more time consuming on a porsche. So if it´s your only car it can be a pain in the ass. Same with spare parts. On a BMW parts are much more cheaper than on a Porsche. (e.g. glutch, water pump, timing belt, balance belt, control arm a.s.o.a.o)To be honest I´m already comparing between the 7series not your 318.

    Best Regards,