Parts for 944 Turbo

  • Greetings from Finland.I am sorry but i can't write german !
    I am going to Bavaria area on july to have two weeks vacation.I have a 1988 944 Turbo and i have planned to get some parts to my car while i am in Germany.Can you suggest Parts dealer for Porsche cars in southern part of Germany, perhaps wrecking yard and of course local Porsche (parts)dealers.
    I have planned to upgrade my car a little bit and want to install 968 mirrors and door handles.I would greatly appriciate all information you may have ! :jump:
    Best regards,
    Olli Snellman

  • Hi Olli.

    Near Stuttgart in Ostfildern exists a Porschetuner. He is specialised of 924, 944 and 968. His name is PEFA GT-Design. He have also used parts for 944, 924 and 968 and a lot of tuningparts for this cars. I think you can also buy there 968-Mirrors. You can call him on the phone. The number: +49 0711/349207

  • Hello,

    Mr. Hofferbert from ATD has also some parts to tune up from 944 to 968, especially the Cup-Mirrors, maybe the doorhandles.

    Please call him on Tel. +49 6165-38301 and on fax +49 6165-6451

    good luck and bye

  • Torsten & Michael,
    Thanks for your help.I will check out the address you gave to me.