Offer OBD Diagnosetool Porsche 964 993 und 968 +19 Pol Adapter

  • Hallo, ich verkaufe ein OBD Diagnosetool von Bergvill FX für Porsche 968, 964 und 993. Zu der für das Modul benötigten Freeware Scantool findet man viel in den englischen Foren, Das Tool mit der Software konnte bei mir am 964 alles auslesen und zurücksetzen ( Livedaten, Klimasteuergeräte, Airbagleuchte zurücksetzten usw.). Preis inkl. Versand. Privatverkauf, keine Gewährleistung


    Aus der Beschreibung:

    -Read/Clear fault codes for the Motronic DME, Alarm, ABS, SRS air bag, climate

    control CCU and PDAS. (PDAS only on 964)

    -Motronic actuator tests, cycle actuators as resonance flap and fuel injectors

    -Display values from the Motronic’s analog inputs such as the voltage from air

    flow meter and temp sensors.

    -Display the state of the Motronic’s idle and wide open throttle switches.

    -Display Motronic’s actual operating parameters such as rpm and load

    -Display Motronic’s high/low range AFR trim values along with a live O2 sensor


    -Display the state of the PDAS traction control switch.

    -Run actuator test on all CCU features, such as air valve servos and fans

    System adaptation (964 only) CO value emission adjustment

    - Easy switching between Porsche 964 and 993 settings using batch file


    We have seen several Rennlisters reporting problems connecting to the Motronic DME in 993 models with Porsche Drive Block immobilizer. This is a shortcoming of the Scantool software. We have no conclusive solution to this, see the discussion threads on Rennlist above. This thread describe a rewiring mod that overcome the problem. This problem affect the connection to the DME only, all other units (alarm, ABS etc) can still be contacted.

    Most later 993 models (1996-1998) have a 996-type SRS airbag control unit, with a 996 part number. Scantool is incompatible with these units. This also applies to the Bosch "Hammer" diag tool.

    Scantool software and T-OBD does not support the special C4 brake bleeding functions, but this can be done manually.

    Please note that the Porsche 964 Carrera (often called C2) have a ABS control unit without OBD diagnostic features or connections. Only the 964 Carrera 4 ABS/PDAS units have OBD capability. However, this applies to the ABS unit only, the Motronic, alarm, air bag and climate control units are available in the C2 models by using a OBD tool.

    Scantool works fine for reviewing and deleting fault codes in Porsche 968 engine control management, Air bag and Alarm system. However, it is not originally designed for using in 968, some of the engine Actual Values and others may be displayed wrongly.

    This product may not be possible to use in 993 models equipped with the rarely seen wide centre console option. (often named as the bat-phone console) The USB cable going to the PC will probably not fit in the deeper car diagnostic connector opening. An OBD extender cable may solve this. (not stocked)

    T-OBD ist eine OBD-Diagnoseschnittstelle zur Verwendung mit der Freeware Rennlist Scantool. Einfache USB-Verbindung zu einem Windows-PC. Funktioniert an Porsche 993 mit OBD2-Stecker. Die frühen 993-Modelle Porsche 964 und 968 benötigen einen 19-poligen Adapter, der hier im Angebot auch mit enthalten ist.

    Scantool- und USB-Treiber wurden unter Windows XP, 7, 8.1 und 10 sowie in der Windows WMware-Umgebung unter Mac auf OK getestet.

    70 Eur inkl. Versand