991.2 Coating thickness of original paint?

  • I am currently negotiating with a salesman. Yesterday he measured with a "TROTEC 8820". I have no idea whether it's any good.
    But what makes me much more suspicious is the layer thickness of the paint.

    Values of 185, 193, 197, 200 and 229 um.
    I seem to remember that they are between 100 and 130 um ex works.

    However, he assures me that the vehicle is definitely accident and repaint-free.

    What do you think?

    Thank you!

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  • This is definitely repainted. Of course, it could have been done at the factory, but the original coating thicknesses are between 110-150.

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  • Thank you... yes, only the measurements are all quite high as described. So the whole vehicle would have to be repainted? I'll check the value on the roof, as that's mostly original.

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  • If the paint layer is thicker than 200u, it can be assumed that it has been repainted. The only exception may be individual or special paintwork. In this case, the paint thickness could be slightly higher. However, you should always check this in advance. Greetings Björn

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  • On my 991.1, the paint on the front lid is around 200, as it was repainted at Porsche (as part of the reconditioning process, as stated in their ABGs). Plastic is not measurable. The rest is 100 to 150, measured with NexPTG on purchase and before Xpel.

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  • I have a new driver's door - also repainted, of course. But very thin here - 79µm. I am also more familiar with paint layers of around 200µm for repainted parts.

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  • Sorry for the perhaps stupid and amateurish question:

    Why is a thicker layer of paint actually a disadvantage? (--> Contradiction to the widespread motto "A lot helps a lot"!) :/

    Fact of damage beforehand, of course!


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  • Originally, the issue with the paint thickness was about recognizing an undeclared accident. But it seems to me that it has degenerated into a real mania and is now just a matter of principle.

    Just watched a 'Hamid' video yesterday, the Ferrari was proven to be free of repainting, back and forth about whether this was the case. At the end of the negotiations, he wanted the dealer to repaint the front apron because of a few micro-chips. So what now?
    I'm telling you this because it's somehow exemplary of the schizophrenia of the whole thing. And yes, mine has been repainted at the front. It has to look flawless, that's my top priority (the repainting was done before the purchase because of a small notch that would hardly have been noticeable).

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  • I've just been in the topic for the purpose of preparation and sanding.

    The thinnest spot on the car is under the door where you can roughly estimate how thick the base coat is because little clear coat is used there (values around 60)

    The other values on the entire vehicle vary with these, let's say, non-professional devices between 90 and 140 on the original paint (often becomes thinner towards the edges) if these devices show over 200, either the device is incorrectly calibrated or repainted. And you can only measure plastic with an ultrasound device (professional device) costing over 3000 euros.

    What I have also heard is that cars are painted twice in the factory if they are not perfect after the first paint job. I don't know if this is true.

    As I said, these are all my experiences because I have ceramic sealed my car and wanted to know beforehand how the paint is and how much goes down in the process. Because too low is also bad 😂

    It's best to buy a device etari can recommend costs around 130 euros. I wouldn't skimp on it in this price range.

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