Front brake discs only wear on the outside ??

  • Hello everyone,

    I have a Boxster S 3,2 BJ 2002 and unfortunately I have to see that the front brake disks only wear on the outside (and the pads), although this cannot/should not actually happen with the 4-piston brake. I have checked the free movement of the pistons and all 4 pistons move smoothly. I also always have to press relatively hard on the brake pedal until it grips properly.

    It was still good enough for the Tüv, but still rather poor.

    Does anyone have any idea what the reason is, because if I just change it now and it comes back like this, then I only have half the brake line and the braking performance will also be worse.

    You can see a photo of my little darling here:

    July 1, 2024 at 7:57 PM

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  • The photo of your 986 is only of interest for this question to the extent that the brake can be easily recognized. Post pictures, ideally also of the caliper (without wheel), so that you can see the pads and the mounting parts.

    A multi-piston caliper cannot cause the problem described, provided it has been assembled correctly.


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