Tire pressure control passive

  • Hello folks,

    I have a question regarding TPMS. On my car, Porsche Cayenne 92A (year 2012), there are no active TPMS sensors.

    But I noticed that there is no passive system either. (Tire was almost flat but no warning)

    Shouldn't the car calculate the tire pressure according to the speed of the wheels? or is there no control at all on these models?

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  • Many vehicles had passive TPMS, which was by far the best solution. Thanks to the EU's regulatory mania, all cars now produce heaps of electronic waste in the form of pressure sensors at regular intervals.

    Passive systems are not quite as sensitive as active systems when it comes to pressure differences, but they always work.

    You should be able to find out whether your Cayenne has an RDK in the manual. If you have the note 7K0 on the equipment sticker, then you certainly do NOT have a TPMS.


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  • Either the customer had explicitly ordered TPMS at the time and paid for it as an extra, or the vehicle has no TPMS at all, not even passive. Unfortunately.

    So you have no control except your own senses, very old school.

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