Original model simply switches off after a few minutes of idling

  • I have a 928, built in 1978 (very little mileage), which had been standing for a few years and

    and had all sorts of things overhauled and repaired (Porsche specialist workshop).

    After the timing belt and water pump had also been changed and it started normally, I

    I let it idle for a few minutes at a time. Initially only at idle, because it smoked

    smoked very heavily at first. - Now it has happened for the second time that after several minutes at idle

    idling for several minutes, it suddenly ran slower and slower and then stopped. It then wouldn't start again either.

    I made several attempts to start it, but without accelerating because I didn't want it to "stall".

    "stalling" as well.

    The next day, when it was completely cold, it started normally again, ran for a few minutes, then slowed down again and stopped.

    minutes, then slows down again and stops ...

    What could that be? I know you don't have a "crystal ball", but perhaps you have some experience.

    Note: It still has a "K - Jetronic" without control unit. - Thank you.

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  • Check the pressures of the K-Jetronic and thus also the warm-up regulator.

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