Experience wrapping Taycan

  • Hi everyone,

    I keep toying with the idea of wrapping my CT (currently all black) in Olea Green. With the black exterior accents and the black CT rims, I think it looks fantastic! :love:

    As I have no experience with this, I would like to ask the following questions:

    1. Do I have to consult my Porsche Center in advance so as not to risk the approval?
    2. Do I then have to rely on a Porsche-recommended workshop?
    3. In order to keep the costs more or less in check, I'm thinking of having the doors wrapped without the door sills. With black as the base color, it should still look good. Are there any other experiences/opinions here?
    4. What costs should I expect for this wrapping?
    5. Are there any disadvantages to wrapping that I may not have noticed?
    6. Does anyone happen to have a specific recommendation for a wrapper in the Vienna area?

      Many thanks in advance for your help!
      Greetings from vacation


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  • I already had a vehicle with full wrapping and was delighted with the quality, but that was a BMW. With a Porsche and approval, it really is difficult and it won't work without the PZ! If you want to do it properly as a wrapper, you can't avoid dismantling parts and this is exactly where a certified company is needed. In addition, the service center must then confirm that the car is in the correct condition and basically takes the rap for the wrapper. I looked into this for a while and ultimately couldn't find a company that could or wanted to do this. The prices vary greatly, here in Germany from roughly €2k to over €6k!

    Without door entry works very well with black, I had the same back then.

    One disadvantage is that such a wrapped vehicle can usually only be sold at a discount, if at all. On the one hand, the chosen color/film is very individual according to personal taste, and on the other hand, nobody takes the risk of the surprise bag of what condition the paint is in under the film. Removing the film also costs a lot of money, including the necessary paint preparation.

    Last but not least, the car must be flawless in terms of stone chips beforehand, otherwise you can see every single stone chip under the film.

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  • Hi!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences!

    That doesn't sound particularly uplifting.
    All this fuss about the already really expensive approved car still makes Porsche extremely unappealing to me. But I knew that before I bought it and in the end it doesn't spoil my enjoyment of the Taycan.

    Then I'll probably tick off the chapter on wrapping. There are worse things. :)



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  • Maybe I was lucky and caught a time when everything worked, including approval.

    Porsche wanted to set up its own brand for wrapping in 2020.
    Porsche Digital GmbH had invented the brand "Second Skin" for this purpose, including the associated website.
    The aim was to build up a pool of licensees in D, A + CH. At the time, however, there was only Signal Design in Schwäbisch Hall.

    The price was a fixed EUR 4000 (Boxster 718) including doors all round and door entrances, not trunk lids.
    Signal Design said at the time that they would also apply all the foils that are available ex works.
    They take everything apart, doors, bumpers etc.

    I also paid Porsche, not Signal Design.
    No problem with the approval since then.

    On a Sunday outing from the service center, someone drove into the back of my car with a loaner from another service center. My Porsche dealership took care of the whole process, including a new rear bumper, painting in the original color, 6-8 weeks of paint curing, wrapping at Signal Design, etc.

    Unfortunately, Porsche no longer offers this. They now prefer to sell PTS colors.

    Greetings Frank


    Andreas Bippes
    April 9, 2019 at 4:29 PM

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  • That's certainly true about the approval, but you mustn't forget that Porsche is one of the few car manufacturers where you at least have the opportunity to take out an almost full warranty for a very long time - I can understand that Porsche naturally sets a few "rules of the game".

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