Are there technical quality differences between 981 and 991

  • I asked the same question in the 991 and you rarely get stupid answers like "penis extension" or "can you afford it?

    Are all the other parts of (e.g.) a 981 S or GTS and Carrera base with 3.4 liters apart from the engine the same, i.e. PDK, gearshift, shafts, diffs, brakes, axle parts or have "savings" been made on the 981?

    Mega thanks for help.

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  • The vehicles have different concepts (mid-engine vs. rear-engine). The peripherals (e.g. the gearbox) cannot be the same simply because of the different design (engine "rotated").

    This has nothing to do with a statement on quality.

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    und Andere... :wink:

  • Porsche works like all manufacturers. The modular system is used across all platforms. Meanwhile more and more within the Group.

    With vehicles such as the 981, 991, etc., you don't need to say "where can I objectively get the most for my 💰 ? " approach. You either like it or you don't. Everyone is more than fast enough.

    Otherwise, you have to follow common sense and buy value-for-money cars. Then it will just say Dacia on it, for example.

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    Mittfünfziger und gerade dabei, so langsam das Leben zu entschleunigen :) :)

  • Grin, I don't want to make that argument, but it's always funny.

    In terms of value retention, the two don't have much in common, especially as a 981 GTS wasn't even built HALF as often as a Spyder/GT4. Basically, many parts are identical, seats, navigation system, switches, steering wheel and much more. So let's see which one it will be.

    They're both fun, but different in their own way.

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  • many parts are the same between 991 and 981, but the assembly of the 981 Cayman in particular may have taken place in Osnabrück at Karmann instead of in Zuffenhausen, recognizable by the letter of the VIN in the 11th position

    when the 987s were assembled in Finland, it was even said that the quality was better than in Zuffenhausen

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