Rectangular recess in the underbody

  • Hello everyone!

    When lifting the carpet behind the driver's seat due to moisture after driving in the rain, I noticed that

    1.) the sealant is completely crumbly

    2) there is a rectangular recess under the sealant, which was covered with a (now rusted) piece of sheet metal/cover (?).

    Does anyone know what this is supposed to be for? This recess can be seen in the attached photo, the shape seems to be intentional and I didn't want to simply weld it shut, but I can't make any sense of its function ...

    Thanks for your advice!

    Greetings Gery

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  • There are always supposedly pointless openings in the floor of car bodies, this is due to the dip coating and the upstream cleaning processes, the soup has to be able to run off. In theory, these openings can also be welded shut during a restoration, or you can make it original again.


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  • Hello

    and many thanks for the plausible explanation. Since I suspect that the moisture got into the rear footwell after driving in the rain through this beautifully crafted recess, which was also sealed from below and could not be distinguished from the surrounding underbody protection, I will probably start the welding machine to be on the safe side ...

    Thanks again!


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