Increased diesel consumption for V8 diesel from 2013

  • Hello everyone,

    I have had increased diesel consumption for about 3 months now. Until a while ago, our average consumption was 9.2L /100km. When driving on the highway (130-160km/h) it was also significantly lower. Our driving profile has not changed and we are now at just under 11L.

    It is also interesting to see how the consumption display in the on-board computer changes. If I accelerate, the consumption is lower, if I don't accelerate, e.g. downhill, the consumption increases. Even at a constant 120Km/h with cruise control on the highway, I can't get below 11 liters.

    I have made an appointment with the Koblenz service center for July 09. The diagnosis and repair, if necessary, should actually be covered by the remaining Porsche Approved, right?

    Does anyone have a similar problem or an idea of what the problem could be?

    Many thanks and best regards

    A. Popp

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  • Is it only about the consumption display or about the real consumption?

    There is almost no explanation for increased real consumption unless the brake is stuck

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  • But you should be able to smell it and recognize it in the brake disc. Strange

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  • There are plenty of causes - but without having analyzed the fault memory, it's all just guesswork.
    ... defective injectors also lead to increased consumption.
    This is often associated with an increase in the engine oil level.
    Other causes ... defective (intake air/engine/temperature sensor, mass air flow sensor, leaking charge air line...

    Greetings Stefan

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  • In fact, it is increased consumption and the on-board computer also shows this. I rule out the brakes, they were done last year at the service center and still look like new :-)) .. I'm also thinking more of defective or dirty injectors.... Let's see what the Koblenz service center finds.

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  • So if injectors and then probably several at once are so defective, i.e. leaking, that this results in an additional consumption of 2 liters per 100 km, then the oil is so diluted and so increased that it must come out everywhere and the engine would already be wrecked.

    I am also not aware that leaking injectors are displayed in the fault memory, otherwise there would be no engine damage in this respect and if there was, the engine control light would certainly come on in that case. I suspect that the fault memory does not indicate anything about the problem here.

    And if brake pistons are stuck, you can't see anything from the outside and I don't know if you can necessarily smell it, otherwise Audi (where it was a frequent problem) should not have had annealed brake systems. But it doesn't have to be the cause here.

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