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  • Hello everyone,

    After spending two happy years with my Cayman 987 Basis, it will be passed into other hands this weekend.

    I'm looking for a replacement so that my garage doesn't remain a black hole.

    I came across a Cayman 981 nearby that has been living a shadowy existence for several years.

    The vehicle is at Car-Port in Deisslingen near Rottweil and some of you may have already seen it.

    Visually, it makes an excellent impression.

    The engine runs, but driving was not offered at all.

    The sale is on behalf of a customer.

    BUT: !!! The last proven service and oil change was in 11/2016, the tires are not younger !!!

    The link:…ion=parkItem&vc=Car&s=Car

    Basically I know what kind of vehicle it is, but my questions, can you just drive it away after such a long service life without hesitation.

    I think the price is set 20% too high,

    Is it conceivable to get it approved again after everything has been replaced at Porsche and the 111 point check has been passed?

    I would be grateful for your feedback.

    Regards Roland

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  • Hello Roland,

    as we also bought a 981 just over a year ago, I've been keeping an eye on prices since then for fun. My impression is that they have gone down for the 981 in the last 12-15 months. You can find a lot of 981s under 50,000, which was different a year ago.

    That's why I think the price is too high. You're right in your assessment.

    As far as I know (we completed it after the purchase and the 111-point check), an approval will fail because the prescribed Porsche services have clearly not been completed.

    Personally, the long service life would be too critical for me. But of course that's just my subjective view.

    Above all, there are plenty of interesting alternatives on the internet - some with existing approval.

    Best regards


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  • Without being deeply involved in the price structure of the 981, I see real negotiating potential here: new tires, new service and an approval. What's more, you're buying from a private individual (is the sale on behalf of a customer perhaps for these reasons?), which makes it easier to transfer the approval. Provided the current owner takes care of it.

    Speaking of approval, this comes with a completed service and a passed 111-point check.

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  • I've also been watching 9X1 prices for a good two years and they've fallen (both 911 and Cayman/Boxster) as well as Rolex and real estate, as the market in Germany has become pretty lifeless.

    Many of the vehicles keep popping up, even if there is sometimes a month or two break in between. With cheaper vehicles it's still possible, but above 60 k it gets pretty tough.

    For me personally, the car would also be at least 10k too high.

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    Mittfünfziger und gerade dabei, so langsam das Leben zu entschleunigen :) :)

  • Hello and thank you for your feedback,
    I also threw the missing services and expired tires into the equation as a potential bargaining chip.
    I was then offered a 1,000 Eur discount, which I gratefully declined.
    Instead, I opted for a PDK base from 06/2018 with 75,000 km in agate gray.
    I should be able to pick it up next week, hopefully.
    Thanks and greetings to all Roland :thumb:

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