• Hi, the clutch on my 356 A often shudders when starting off, the whole car shakes. When changing gear and driving normally, everything is fine. This has always been the case and as it is hardly ever driven, I have put this issue off until now.

    But now the 356SC is also starting to do this, so I'm going to tackle the issue. First of all with the A.

    As far as I can tell, the fault is probably in the guide sleeve for the clutch cable, as this runs straight in my case. At least on the Beetle and the later 356s, this should be bent 2.5-4.5 cm, which can be achieved with washers.

    On the A, however, it is constructed slightly differently and has a threaded sleeve on the guide sleeve. Unfortunately, I can't find my well-stored repair instructions for the A, only those for the B C and SC and 912, where the design is slightly different. Can anyone confirm that the 2.5-4.5 cm is correct for the A? Or even send me the pages from the repair manual for adjusting the clutch?

    Cheers and have a safe journey!

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  • It's probably done, I adjusted the clutch cable and the pedals by about 3 cm on the off chance. Now the plucking is almost gone and can only be felt when starting off at idle speed. It is no longer noticeable when starting off normally at slightly higher revs.

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