• Hello everyone,

    Every few years, whenever my ignition starts acting up again, I fancy a contactless ignition.

    I tried the HotSpark years ago, but I wasn't happy with it. After that I was back on the road for almost 10 years with the original distributor and contact breaker.

    Now I would like to try again. On paper, I like the 123 Ignition Porsche-4-R-V-IE, as it also takes over the trigger contacts.

    Unfortunately, you can only find quite contradictory statements about this on the Internet. Everything from "my car has never run better" to "engine damage" can be found.

    The ignition distributor does have a vacuum adjustment, but only single-acting. My '75 2.0, however, has a double adjustment. There are contradictory views on 123: some say that late adjustment is not possible at all. In my opinion, this is not true. There is both a curve for late adjustment and one for early adjustment.

    So I have to decide, but here too the information is contradictory as to what makes sense here.

    I hope one of you has sound experience with the part and would like to report.....



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