PDK clutch slips when shifting up after idle time

  • Hello everyone,

    After my Boxster has been standing for a few months, I am now experiencing various problems.

    Among other things, the clutch now slips noticeably when you shift up when accelerating.

    Gear changes are generally quite rough.

    Once the clutch has engaged, it no longer slips.

    I am grateful for any information

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  • Information on mileage and service condition would be very helpful. If a clutch is not pressed sufficiently, it will slip, regardless of whether it is a PDK or manual transmission. If it is not pressed sufficiently and slips, it is normally worn out.


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    Nach 320'000 Spiegeleiern kann die Kantine nicht so schlecht gewesen sein!
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  • I don't know how long the car has been parked, but the gearboxes are basically designed in such a way that they learn themselves again over the course of their service life. With the PDK in particular, the coefficient of friction depends on the age of the lining, the surface roughness of the steel plates and the condition of the oil. These things are so variable that the gearbox "learns" again and again, you don't even notice it, it happens in standard situations.
    Simply warm up the transmission for half an hour and drive a few gears in D, i.e. without changing gear yourself and without Sport mode, e.g. on an open country road with 1/4 to 1/2 throttle up to 7 and down again, then repeat this as required. If that doesn't help, simply flush/change the PDK oil.

    As always, a remote diagnosis is difficult, I have not driven the vehicle myself, do not know how long the vehicle has been standing, whether the clutch slips only in manual mode or also in D, as well as when the clutch slips, whether only when starting in cold condition or also when driving after a few minutes. It would also be important to know what it means to you that the clutch is slipping, for example, does the engine revs drop before shifting up without propulsion or how does it manifest itself?

    Feel free to share a video or more information, then it is more likely that someone will be able to help you.


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  • So the Boxster has run 123000 kilometers and there is no service for the PDK as far as I know!

    Oil changes are not planned either!

    On top of that, until mid-January it was driven every day in all weathers for many years without any problems, then I parked it for 4 months and it's been acting up ever since.

    I've tried warming it up several times, but it tends to get worse.

    Slipping whether manual or on D.

    The clutch takes about a second to engage, during which time the revs rise sharply.

    Once the clutch has engaged, it no longer slips.

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  • Yes, PDK requires an oil change, at the latest after 12 years or 180t km, but could also be earlier with the Boxster

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  • You may also have triggered a gearbox emergency due to your other fault with the camshaft adjustment.
    I don't think you'll be able to avoid going to a specialist workshop.

    After all, 4 months is not a long downtime, which would be the case with any seasonal vehicle.
    I would tackle the other issue first and then clear the fault memory and see what the gearbox is doing.

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  • Mine also jerks (especially in the lower gears) when it has been standing for a few weeks and is cold.
    When the oil is at 70 degrees, the gear changes are almost smooth again.
    The PDK gearbox has been adapted twice, but it only helps for a short time or max. 2 months.
    According to the PZ, this would be OK and no cause for concern.

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    Zu meiner Beschwerde über ein nicht korrekt funktionierendes PDC und klappern....
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  • The FFL3 of the clutch/hydraulic circuit is labeled on the container with the instruction that the container must be shaken thoroughly before filling - apparently, components settle during prolonged storage.

    According to the workshop manual, the clutch oil should always be changed in vehicles that have not been driven for 5 years or more. (Maintenance schedule from 9x1:: every 180,000 km or 12 years)

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  • What does the fault memory say?

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  • For your information.

    The problem has been solved.

    It was a fault in the engine control unit. Due to this error, it no longer shifted gears so "quickly", presumably to avoid occupations.

    Now everything is working perfectly again.

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