Smell of gasoline in the trunk

  • Hello, dear 993 drivers!

    Since the winter break, there has been an intense smell of gasoline in the trunk. When I open it, a cloud of gasoline comes towards me. The interior also smells of gasoline from time to time, although it's not that intense for a long time and not when I open the trunk anyway. It also started to run out of gas last year. Otherwise, I had a good 13l with a mixture of city, country and highway driving, most recently I was at 16.5l. There was also more city traffic, but I think that's a lot. I'm not used to that from all my previous Porsches. Could there be a connection and where should I look for the smell of gasoline?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi, I once had a similar problem with the smell of gasoline in the trunk, but the smell was particularly strong when driving through the open window / sunroof. On mine, the hose at vent valve 8 was broken off, the previous owner had "tried" to glue it but with moderate success.

    To replace it, you also have to access the fuel pump from below, where the hose is plugged in. The fuel tank bracket must also be loosened to be able to replace the hose behind the tank.

    Also check all the rubber lines on/around the tank.

    Good luck!

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