Suitability for everyday use GT3

  • I would never think of buying a GT3 for the country road or even as an everyday car! For me, the use of the car is clearly defined by the race track. Every meter I drive on the road is one annoying meter too many for me! That's why I have a trailer with which I take the car to the racetrack. Only in rare exceptional cases do I drive on my own.

    If I stopped doing trackdays today, I would give up the GT3 immediately. I don't need a GT3 just for the sake of ownership or to be able to say "I have a GT3". In my opinion, any basic Carrera (if it has to be a 911) is better suited for country roads and everyday driving and is also a thousand times more fun.

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  • It all depends on the individual definition of suitability for everyday use

    For the single influencer who only goes to the gym in the evening, the GT3 is certainly suitable for everyday use.

    For me, who drives 60,000 km a year, has 2 children, goes shopping and on vacation, certainly not.

    Can you drive a GT3 in everyday life? - Definitely. In addition to track and country roads, I also drive it into town, to the movies, to parking garages or on weekend trips

    In general, no 11 or Cayman is really suitable for everyday use. - The GT3 is just 10% less

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  • In general, no 11 or Cayman is really suitable for everyday use. - The GT3 is just 10% less

    For me, a Carrera 4S is actually 100% suitable for everyday use. I can really do everything I do in everyday life with it and it's also suitable for vacations (skiing would also be possible with a roof box).

    I can't buy furniture and pull trailers with my everyday cars either. But I am also in the fortunate position of having a correspondingly large fleet of vehicles at the company and being able to take something suitable at any time. But that's not an everyday occurrence for me and happens maybe once a year.

    With the GT3, I find driving long distances in the rain an absolute stress :still: I just don't feel like it.

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    Der eine Gedanke der aus einem Werk ein Opus macht

  • I also drive >50,000 km/a for work, but I still consider my GT3 touring to be "suitable for everyday use".

    I gave up my 991.2 GT3 (with wing) because, as a service provider, I couldn't even drive it to meetings, which is different now with the Touring.

    Nevertheless, the Touring is mainly used for vacation trips (mountain passes and country roads), 6,400 km in 5 weeks through South Tyrol, Switzerland, Austria, France (Corsica) speak for the car.
    But as limax already wrote, everyone is different, the track doesn't appeal to me that much.

    The only downer is the roof (no convertible, and no, the SRS wouldn't be for me), but the engine and the chassis are the absolute game changer in the 911 cosmos for me and I think (for me) the GT3 touring is the perfect car.

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  • I also love driving my GT3 manual transmission on country roads, through the mountains, on beautiful mountain passes etc.. The manual transmission always gives me extreme pleasure in the car, so I don't have to drive it at the limit.
    The GT3 would be out of the question for me as an everyday car due to external circumstances (family with 2 kids, space requirements, 2 trailers 2.7 tons, etc.).

    I will drive the GT4 RS almost exclusively on the track because of the PDK. That's too boring for me personally on the country road.

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  • I'm not so consistent here!

    Yes, I also use the GT3 a lot on the racetrack, I'm going to Brno next Wednesday, but I also like driving it like this.

    I also had a Carrera S, but I gave it up because it ended up just standing around.

    I think the GT3 can do both everyday and track driving.

    As a daily driver, a 911 would generally be rather unsuitable for my requirements profile, although the GT models are certainly even less suitable.

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  • Everyday no, I have another car for that.

    Go out for a drive at the weekend or in the evening? Yes!

    Driving in the city? Yes!

    Is the car suitable for this? Conditionally. It is bursting with "power" and permanently runs slightly above idle speed, and is therefore permanently completely underpowered.

    Is it still great? Yes, definitely! The absolutely imperfect soundscape. It vibrates, rattles, rattles, hums.

    Country road? Absolutely, even if the GT3 is underchallenged here.

    Race track? Absolutely, can start soon...

    And yet it's a passion purchase, out of enthusiasm, dream fulfilled, etc.

    Are there more suitable cars for most of the kilometers I cover with the GT3? Definitely. Cars that are simply less "involving". Any Carrera will do more than enough.

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  • Hi!

    I may be repeating myself (from other threads), but it definitely depends on the set-up of the GT3.

    Take 18-way seats (sofas) and PDK ... plus tires (Pirelli P Zero Corsa) with good rain characteristics and comfort pressure (1.9 / 2.1). Then the Touring for a more socially acceptable look ... and don't forget the lift (as already mentioned).

    I've had the GT3T for exactly 14 months now and have over 10,000 km on the clock ... no track ... just country roads and villages ... a vehicle that is absolutely suitable for everyday use.

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