Taycan family-friendly?

  • I would be interested in your experiences with the Taycan and small children or babies. As we are thinking about planning a family, it should be a car that is easy to use in this respect. Originally I was thinking of the Macan, but the price development of the Taycan is making me think twice. Plus, I'm really not a fan of SUVs, but if there's no other option, I'd go for the Macan GTS. Is the luggage space in the front and rear (together 480 liters) in the Taycan sufficient for a family of three? Baby carriages that can be folded up tightly theoretically fit in the frunk.

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  • In a nutshell: yes, it works! Getting in and out of the back is rather difficult for big kids, but if you plan ahead, then no problem.

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  • In a nutshell: yes, it works! Getting in and out of the back is rather difficult for big kids, but if you plan ahead, then no problem.

    Thank you, because I hear from some friends that at least a Cayenne is necessary for a baby to have enough luggage space for traveling. ^^

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  • I'm spending a week in South Tyrol with two kids and my wife. The hotel has a pushchair/buggy, so we didn't pack that. We have a very compact folding buggy that fits in the frunk. But not when the carrycot is in it.

    The car is very full with luggage for four people, including a nappy-changing baby and a large Maxicosi infant car seat.

    If we had a buggy with us, I would have put a roof box on it.

    I would definitely not recommend the Taycan saloon for everyday use as a family car with small children.
    Access to the rear row of seats is too difficult in everyday life due to the sloping roofline. I wouldn't want to cram a bumbling 20kg junior in the back and my back would hate it.

    Access to the rear seat in the Turismo is not generous compared to a BMW 5 Series Touring or even a VW Golf.

    Driving dynamics are of course much sportier than an SUV à la Macan. But that won't do you any good if the kids in the back seat tend to throw up. You're not in it...

    All in all, we really enjoy traveling as a family in the Taycan Cross Turismo.

    The air suspension is super comfortable, the ride is quiet and relaxed, the stationary air conditioning is great, Junior loves the panoramic roof.

    Charging sessions on long journeys are over faster than you can take a break with two children.

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  • That sums it up very well. I have the Rear Seat Entertainment with the screens in it. Totally stupid and super counterproductive when it comes to getting in.

    I drive the car 90% of the time alone, otherwise with my wife and occasionally with my son. He'll be 16 and is already as tall as me (1.85m). My wife voluntarily sits in the back 😂

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  • With three adults and a dog with a dog crate, the Cross Tourismo was already very full heading for Tuscany. The interior is very cramped, more like a Porsche. No problem with two people. Its predecessor, the Cayenne, was a completely different proposition, with endless space. In terms of space, the Macan will be between the Cayenne and the Cross Tourismo. But once you're in the TCT, you won't want to get out. :drive:

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  • We drive the CT with two boys (4&6 years old) in child seats in the rear.

    The buggy (incl. plastic mat from Porsche) goes into the frunk and takes up no space in the trunk. 10-day vacations for four were no problem. A lot would have to happen before I mount a roof box and drive south with it. :D

    In the sedan it would be much more difficult, because the trunk of the CT, with the parcel shelf removed, is much larger and more practical than that of the sedan. As far as I know, trunk volumes are only measured up to a certain height. Without the parcel shelf, the CT has quite a bit more, which is not reflected in the official volume figures. Hence the nominally small difference in trunk space between the saloon and CT/ST.

    With a child in the pipeline, none of this is an issue. Go for it! :)



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  • I came from the Mercedes G (original) with space to spare. Plus a family who didn't quite understand the difference k:pleasant: between going on vacation and moving... :kwink:

    When we had strollers, buggies, etc. with us I was glad for all the space in the G, I could imagine it being rather cramped and cozy, especially in the sedan. Now the kids are 11 & 13, and both quite tall (myself 195cm). That fits perfectly in the CT. Put the roof box on for skiing and that's it. (I also transported the skis outside in the G).
    Everything always fits in, even if the learning curve for changing clothes <> going on vacation is still very flat :kwink: And if there's a lot of stuff, take out the parcel shelf....

    If I hadn't been able to convince Andrea of the family qualities of the Taycan CT, it wouldn't have been a Porsche...k:cry:

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    Das Leben ist zu kurz um Autos ohne Charakter zu fahren. :drive:

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  • Thank you all for the information. I was actually thinking about the Macan saloon, not so much the CT, because I've had a station wagon as a company car for a few years now and just wanted a sporty saloon again.

    Would the simple Taycan 4S also be worth considering with a future family of 3 or would it be at the limit in terms of space in the trunk?

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  • There are three of us on the road, albeit in a different constellation (1 dad, 2 girls, 7 and 9). The limo wouldn't have been an option for me, it would have been too much fiddling around on vacation trips. And we haven't had a buggy or even a full baby carriage with us for a long time.

    And installing the child seats is a fiddly job as it is. With the lower roofline of the saloon, I wouldn't have wanted to do that.

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