• Hello :)

    The vehicle cost me 5900 euros in 2019. Had a small damage on the front right. I still have pictures. Paintwork done by myself 2500 euro. on the engine everything done by myself about 1000 euro the parts. Tires come new and the front spoiler lip comes new which costs 1000 euro. The car will cost me about 15000 euros with all the trimmings. Reibach is urgent that is clear but if no customer comes forward at about 50.000.- euro so I will continue to park it in the garage. I have other vehicles that have been waiting to be sold for about 10 years. Precaution ;)

    Well, finally some information about the condition. Let me summarize:

    History unclear

    Checkbook available, last entry 2015

    Engine inspection not carried out in a specialist workshop, and an overhaul for 1000 EUR parts can at best only be a cylinder block with a wastegate and a few seals. Sorry, but this is not an overhaul.

    New paintwork but also done by myself.

    Repaired accident damage

    Be happy if you get 20,000 EUR for it



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    Gruß Ludger

    Rettet die Grotten, weg mit den Schrottpressen

    928 GTS Kompressor

    (928 S4 Bj 89 Automatik) vekauft
    928 S2 Bj 85 Automatik Umbau DP - Motorsport
    928 S2 bj 85 Schaltgetriebe

  • That's how you could get a 928 back on the road at the turn of the millennium.
    The cars are now old and the Porsche checkbook only says that it has had regular oil changes.

    Better than no information but not worth much.

    My 86 was first-hand serviced by Porsche until 2015, after which the journeyman bought the car from the boss. Porsche can't tell you what was done

    A few dents because the boss is already old, very clean inside and patina, 250,000 km run.

    Nevertheless, something has to be done everywhere, new intake manifold, ZR, overhaul injection, overhaul chassis, ignition harness, vacuum cans,

    new tires because they are old, door hinges and shaft seals, central locking etc, etc.

    You wouldn't believe how quickly €10,000 for parts is gone.

    But the car is now a sports car suitable for everyday use, not a show car but something to enjoy.

    I paid 24,000 €, but 86 S with manual transmission and lock, without sunroof gray green partial leather with Porsche script,

    Rear roller blind still present, shows that it was always in good hands.

    Galvanization in the engine compartment still good as only driven in summer.

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  • I think even 20,000 is too much.

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  • I'm not surprised - first post in the forum, few details, so this (among other things) was to be expected. And I find it positively surprising that RACK answers relevant questions absolutely openly and completely instead of obfuscating. The "risk" that our input/know-how is (or can be) used by others to maximize profits is a case of "that's just the way it is" - live and let live :headbange

    And you can deduce from this that it's unlikely to be a businessman who knows all the tricks of the trade:


    I have other vehicles that have been waiting around 10 years to be sold

    There are very few cars that can outperform a similarly risky investment in securities in terms of value appreciation, taking into account storage and maintenance costs. Sorry, but 928s are not one of them IMHO.

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  • Parking space is not free for most of them either and after 10 years of parking there is more damage than before.

    They are vehicles, especially the 928!

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  • It's quite simple.

    Put the car on the Internet for the price.

    You add up the costs and add another 500/1000 euros.

    When it's sold, the new owner will hopefully be delighted and have a lot of fun with it because he really wants it.

    And Rack is a nice seller and not a speculator.

    And everyone is happy

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