Put the key in the storage compartment after manual opening?

  • Hi everyone,

    I have recently become the owner of a 992.1 convertible with comfort access and have not found an answer to a problem here using Sufu or anywhere else on the net. The instructions are also not very helpful (not only) on this point.

    The problem:

    1. I have replaced the battery in both keys
    2. as I had forgotten the first key in my Daily at work, I wanted to use the second key
    3. the second key flashes when pressed, but the car does not open, no reaction
    4. the first key works perfectly with the remote control
    5. then, as described in the instructions, hold the key "...at the top center of the windshield" and press "Open" does not work either
    6. opening the car with the emergency key (also half a science) and turning the start button within 15 seconds to switch on the ignition did not work either. The dashboard displays the message: "Put the key in the storage compartment - see operating instructions". The alarm system went off for the first time and caused corresponding stress. ;)
    7. The instructions say "...open the storage compartment in the armrest, hold the vehicle key on the center console - in the area between the lower control panel and the storage compartment in the armrest..." Control panel? There is nothing to operate, directly adjacent to the storage compartment at the front is the container in which the ashtray is located (presumably in the smoker's package), but no switch or anything else to operate. <-- you think to yourself: "Hello, put a picture in there! That's worth a thousand words."
    8. then "fiddled around" in the car looking for the right place - in the meantime the alarm system has already gone off several times and the stress level has risen... :rolleyes: - No remedy
    9. Locked the car again, the hazard warning lights stopped flashing after a while
    10. Since then, everything has worked perfectly with the first key, but the second key does not work.

    Now my questions:

    1. Does anyone know where exactly the key has to be positioned in the center armrest for programming?
    2. Does anyone have any other ideas - apart from going to the garage, where appointments are rare - on how I can program the second key?

    Thank you and best regards,


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  • Hello,

    there is a thread here 'Low battery in ignition key, please replace'.

    It also says that it may need to be relearned after replacement. It was something about holding it down for 5-10 seconds or something, I can't remember exactly.
    Maybe have a look there if you have changed the battery yourself.

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  • Hello jumanji,

    thanks for the tip. The problem is that the second key is not recognized. I still tried the "trick with the 5 seconds (it was more like 10), but no success.

    I also replaced the battery in the first key and everything works perfectly with it.

    I assume that the battery in the second key was completely flat and the key therefore needs to be reprogrammed in the car? However, neither the sparse instructions nor the internet provide any information on where this key has to go to be reprogrammed.

    In some cars, you have to hold the key against the steering column for it to be relearned using RFID. There is usually also a symbol there so that everything is clear.

    At Porsche, they say something about putting it in the storage compartment of the center armrest, but where exactly, just putting it in there doesn't work. I have put the key in the front, left side, right side, rear and center storage compartments. The alarm system went off every time, which is not a pleasant experience in the underground garage...



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  • Presumably this refers to the area in the front storage compartment, where the USB port is located. In front of it (on the outside) are controls such as the parking brake etc.

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  • Hi everyone,

    Yesterday I went to my friend about the second key - it works now.

    The key fob position in the center armrest is in the area of the front locking mechanism when the center armrest is open --> see


    However, it didn't help because the key had probably been without a battery for too long, according to the technician at the dealer?

    In any case, the key had to be programmed using a programming device and has been working as it should ever since... 8)

    Greetings, Hannes

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