Porsche 924S Exclusiv model found. Value?

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm new here and a bit excited. My neighbor has a 924S in his garage. It is definitely an Exclusiv model, of which, according to research, only 50 were delivered in Germany (167 worldwide). Everything fits, rims, seats etc. The interesting thing is: ONLY GENUINE ORIGINAL 60,000 KM. Second owner since approx. 1989! I am supposed to sell the car, I deal professionally with used cars myself, but I have NO idea. Would anyone like to help me?

    My neighbor is about 85 years old, drives 5 times a year in good weather. Interior as good as new, exterior top, everything else of course not yet seen on the stage. Needs everything once. Tires, brakes, timing belts, fluids, air conditioning maintenance, plugs, etc.

    Please give me your opinion on the subject.

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  • With this car, the condition is far more important than the model and how few there were, also in terms of price. A really well-preserved 924S is quite rare, so the equipment no longer plays a major role, in terms of value it doesn't add much, but it is certainly an extra to be priced.

    If the condition is rather mixed, the equipment variant is almost irrelevant.


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    Nach 320'000 Spiegeleiern kann die Kantine nicht so schlecht gewesen sein!
    Harm Lagaay

    PS: Ich heisse nicht Greetz k:thinking:

  • I'll take the car to the showroom as soon as possible. The fact is. Stickers always stuck on time and probably without any fuss. Annual mileage of course only 500 kilometers a year due to retirement. I think you have to invest around €3,000 for wear parts. I've never seen or touched sports seats as good as new...

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  • I've never seen or touched sports seats in such mint condition...

    And that's despite the fact that the quality of the Exclusive sports seat covers is pretty much the worst I've seen from Porsche. The fabric is usually in tatters on all of them (or has already been replaced)

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    964 Carrera 2 Cabrio, Tiptronic, Schwarzmetallic, Modelljahr 1991
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  • This is flannel fabric, wool. In the production process, the fibers are ripped open to create a fluffy appearance.

    Expensive to produce and actually too sensitive to abrasion as a seat cover.


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