Xenon headlight inner wiring !

  • hello everyone

    my cayenne has been parked in the garage for 3 months now no problems with headlights the usual !

    error height adjustment it is to howl !

    have replaced the sensors and the control units in the headlights

    now I noticed that the xenon headlights built by valeo used such cheap cables that the insulation

    that the insulation is crumbling !

    unfortunately you don't get any information from valeo.

    (they seemed to think it was cheeky that i wanted to buy a reflector for the xenon bulbs)

    desperately looking for the inner wiring harness or information about it .is a 12 plug with several plugs for height adjustment cornering light etc.

    many thanks in advance


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  • Hello Steffen

    I can only tell you that if you replace the control unit it has to be recoded directly at Porsche or with Piwis software.

    I had my SW overhauled months ago and a control unit had to be replaced afterwards.

    Since then I get error messages like

    Headlight system error and high beam defective. Cornering lights also don't work and height adjustment doesn't work.

    Haven't had time to take it to the service center yet.

    Greetings Jens

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  • thank you for the info!

    didn't expect any positive surprises :(

    what am i going to do with the box ?

    it doesn't stop even the headlights are a disaster

    I've already given up on the sunroof!

    but i need the headlights for the tüv !

    new windshield, new tires, new rims, completely new chassis, new brakes, new catalytic converter

    gearbox oil flush done etc etc....




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  • I know that only too well! I'm already driving my 2nd Cayenne. I bought my first one for less than 5000€. I easily recouped the purchase price.

    When the big ones are getting on in years, there's always something to be done.

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  • Hello folks, the control unit must be recoded after the replacement. In other words, the VIN must be overwritten and other settings such as suspension

    left or right traffic.

    After that it has to be updated in the gateway otherwise gateway will throw out errors.

    If anyone needs help can gladly help

    I have piwis 3 and can handle it.

    I live in 59368 werne

    Lg Paul

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