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  • Hello forum,

    I'm about to reassemble my 911 T 2.4 US model K-Jetronik, year 73.

    I have a problem with my high beam.

    I can't find the right wiring diagram. On the wiring diagrams shown on the net, the yellow cable goes from the light switch to the relay.

    In my case there is no yellow cable on the light switch.

    According to the wiring diagram, a yellow cable goes from the switch on the steering wheel. 56b. But according to the wiring diagram it is not connected anywhere.

    There is still a brown / white cable on the high beam / low beam switch. But I don't know where it is connected.

    Parking light / low beam works. High beam switch without function . Headlight flasher works.

    Does the engine have to be running for the high beam to work?

    Is there a US wiring diagram?

    I am grateful for any tips.



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  • Hello,

    why don't you post the wiring diagram that YOU are referring to - then we'll have a common basis.

    As far as I know, there is no relay for low/high beam as standard. Something was probably retrofitted.

    It is possible that the relay (if you have one - that's what it sounds like) is defective (?).

    It can't be anything complicated. It's best to measure it with a voltmeter/ohmmeter.

    The engine does not necessarily have to be running, but the ignition starter switch must at least be switched on (position I or II, I don't know).

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