Buying advice for Porsche 992 with 3 previous owners

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm new to the forum and have been reading along quietly so far. I'm currently thinking about buying a used Porsche 992. I came across an interesting offer (here is the link: I have already spoken to the current owner and found out that the car has already had 3 previous owners. Interestingly, the vehicle was sold by the first owner with approx. 2000 km to a Bentley dealer who wrapped it. The current owner purchased the vehicle with 6000 km and the mileage is currently around 14000 km.

    Despite this information, I am unsure if the price for the vehicle is attractive despite the high number of previous owners and if there could possibly be problems with a resale in 2 years time. What should I generally think of a vehicle with several previous owners?

    I would be pleased to hear your opinions and experiences.

    Best regards,


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  • And what exactly is tragic about three previous owners?

    Would only one previous owner who has constantly beaten the thing be better?

    Ultimately, it's the condition of the car that matters - not how many people have farting in the seats. 😁

    Keep on running!


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  • Hello Jan,

    this is indeed a difficult subject. Personally, I prefer to look at the condition and maintenance history rather than the number of previous owners, but I can say from my own experience that I belong to a minority. There are a lot of potential buyers for whom the number of previous owners is an extremely important criterion, and things get tight when there are 4 previous owners at the latest. Of course, this also depends on the age of the vehicle, i.e. with a 25-year-old 911 this is more the rule than the exception. I sold my Mercedes SLS last year, in perfect condition and serviced by Mercedes every year (even if I only drove 2,000 km). But, I was the 4th owner and so it took quite a long time until someone came along who didn't care because he wanted to keep it. The same applies to the issue of accident-free. A demonstrably perfectly repaired and documented damage in which no load-bearing parts were affected is not an exclusion criterion for me, but it is for many other buyers.

    Best regards Norbert

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  • It's quite simple. The number of previous owners must be reflected in the (falling) price, then the business will be round again.

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  • Hi Jan

    I would ask myself why the car has so few kilometers and so many previous owners. Were the others not satisfied, were there perhaps problems with the engine mounts, which, as you know, cannot be turned off and are extremely annoying when driving? Has the car ever been changed? Have there been other repairs that did not lead to a successful result? (only experienced this myself last year)

    Of course, it's always possible that everyone was satisfied and then wanted something else, but that's not usually the case.

    just my 2 cents.

    in the USA there is a good saying: you get what you pay for (what costs nothing is nothing) :wink:



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  • R992Turbo Thanks for your points. I think that if, according to the seller, the vehicle was approved for 2 years six months ago, then everything is fine with the vehicle. I may be associating too much safety with the approval as a Porsche newbie. If there was something wrong with the engine mounts etc., then there would be no approval from Porsche, would there?

    I would also like to know if the price (125k) is too high for the number of previous owners, or if I should try to reduce it even further!

    Thanks for all other contributions and opinions.

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  • Approval is completed by telephone shortly before the end of the new car warranty, so you don't need to drive up, which means that engine mounts and other parts are not checked. The car also seems to be delivered, if something happens and you have to be towed, it may be that if the lowering is not registered with Approved, and it is noticed by the PZ that they are reluctant to pay (like any insurance)

    If the car is really OK, it is worth the money.

    I would also check whether the car has been on the racetrack a lot (ask the seller). Some things speak in favor of this: lowering, Alcantara steering wheel, sports chrono, foiling, of course it doesn't have to be, but these are all factors that can change the price, maybe ask Porsche what repairs it has already had (they can see this from the registration number). :wink:

    Not that everyone with Alcantara steering wheel and lowering starts screaming now, these are just tips to avoid looking stupid afterwards

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  • According to the seller, the approval was completed 6 months ago: the lowering was not criticized according to the seller.
    The vehicle was not taken to the racetrack, as the seller previously had a GT3 and said that a 992 S was not necessarily suitable for the racetrack.

    Yes, it's now up to me to make a decision and also to call a service center directly and find out about the maintenance history.


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  • I sold my Mercedes SLS last year, perfect condition and serviced by Mercedes every year (even though it had only been driven 2,000 km). But, I was the 4th owner and so it took quite a long time until someone came along who didn't care because he wanted to keep it.

    Just out of curiosity: how much mileage did it have at the end (also not unimportant) and how much was the discount because of the 4 previous owners?

    You were definitely brave to have bought it from a 3rd owner at the time ;)

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  • For me, the 3 previous owners would not be an exclusion criterion and the lowering (at least for me) would be an additional "pro" rather than a "con". Apparently there are also wheel spacers fitted at the front and rear. Would also be on the "pro" side for me.

    I would definitely have the car or the VIN checked at the service center, the result of which says a lot about the car. But to be honest, I wouldn't expect any surprises. I think the owner has already priced the car accordingly due to the number of previous owners.

    At first glance, a great and tastefully configured 992S at what I think is a reasonable price. I think with a bit of negotiating skill you might get the car for €120k.

    If I were looking for a 992S, this would certainly be a candidate. Apart from that, the car will be sold relatively quickly anyway.

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