Matching roof antenna 930

  • Hello everyone,

    Unfortunately I can no longer find my roof antenna, which was always installed at the rear. During hibernation it was always unscrewed to cover it. I would like to reinstall it, also to protect it from water etc.

    I've already used Google but haven't really found anything suitable. Can anyone help me? Preferably something small and not too long. Alternatively, a cover to screw on or a DAB+ antenna (if possible?).

    Many thanks in advance.

    Attached is a photo of the intended location.



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  • First of all: I have no idea.

    Is it perhaps this one? Part number 92864612500…-ausstattungscodes/sow160

    Unfortunately nothing on German ebay at the moment. But in the USA:

    Otherwise ask at the service center with the TN...

    Greetings, Thomas

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