Air conditioning

  • Good evening dear 914 friends,

    I have been offered a 914.

    The car comes from America and has air conditioning installed.

    Can anyone tell me whether this was fitted ex works or retrofitted?

    As I am skeptical about an old air conditioning system, I would like to know whether it can be easily removed?

    I would be very happy to hear from you!

    Best regards


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  • Hello Axel,

    The air conditioning was never available ex works. There were two retrofit solutions from US dealers. Don't be surprised, a fairly large hole was cut in the front trunk floor for this purpose, which has to be closed again when retrofitting. There are also a few other things to do. The air conditioning system must also be drained by a specialist company, otherwise there will be trouble because of the coolant. Simply draining is not an option, as the systems are usually empty. If the vehicle has a center console, a shortened one has been installed, which should be replaced. The air vent in the passenger compartment must also be removed, as must the coolant lines. The compressor in the engine compartment must also be removed - it is attached to a modified alternator bracket.

    So it can be done, but it involves work/money. The system should swallow between 8-12 hp in operation.



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  • Hello Jürgen,

    Thank you for the detailed description!

    So you could leave the system in for now.

    Maybe just disconnect the air conditioning compressor.



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  • Just like that. You can then decide later what you want to do. You can still get an English manual for installing the air conditioning system. If necessary, you should also convert it to a permissible coolant (hoses, seals).

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  • Hello too,

    In my opinion, the retrofit system should be completely removed. It is neither original, nor are the air vents etc. visually well integrated. Apart from that, you reduce weight and don't take unnecessary power from the engine with the compressor. When the weather is nice, you drive with the top down anyway and you don't really need air conditioning in the airstream; in my opinion, the original fresh air vents are sufficient. For me at least, the decision would be easy.



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