Porsche 356 B: bang when accelerating

  • Hello there,

    I have the problem with my Porsche 356 B that it bangs when I accelerate. Two 40 IDF weber carburetors have been newly implanted. Question is it perhaps due to the synchronization of the weber carburetors?

    Many thanks for information and types.

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  • Hello!

    It is not unusual for a 356 to occasionally pop when starting. Gasoline may drip from the carburetors after the engine has been switched off and run into the combustion chambers. From there it is carried into the hot exhaust when starting and ignites.

    My understanding of your problem is that the banging occurs in normal operation when you accelerate (and not when you release the throttle). Since the carburettors have been changed, this is probably due to the carburettor setting (not synchronization). If the carburetors are set too lean or too rich, the engine will not run properly even when revving up and will misfire.

    Since you have changed the carburetor, the second possible cause, ignition, is out of the question.

    Best regards Ingo

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