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  • Hi there,

    I'm currently looking for an addition to the 997 Turbo. The background is as follows: I have become very fond of the 997 and for me it is one of the most beautiful models within my budget. It only has two drawbacks: too much power and automatic transmission. On the one hand, this is often great and also has many advantages, but sometimes the emotion suffers somewhat as a result.

    I would therefore like to look around for a Porsche that has the following features:

    • Manual transmission
    • Not too much power, although I can't put a figure on it, what I'm looking for is a vehicle in which you can change gear 2-3 times on country roads and mountain passes and can shift out of gear. With the 997 Turbo, you drive almost everything in second gear and occasionally in third gear. That's why I was thinking of 200 - 350 hp, but I'm happy to be proven wrong.
    • Turbo wide, because I really like the look
    • Air vents score extra points because I really like them on the 930, for example
    • In terms of budget, I would like to stay under 100 k, although 100 is the absolute pain threshold. So I'd like to be well below that. I have deliberately set the budget a little higher, as there is always the case of "I really want one" when something suitable is found. But the priority is well below that.
    • No 991 or 992 - they've become too big for me. In fact, I'd rather go back to the 718.
    • The vehicle may/should be a big contrast to the 997 Turbo.

    Since I have hardly any access to other Porsches in my area that I could test drive, or the dealers and salespeople don't think it's so great if you want to test drive model a and b and preferably c and d, I'm looking forward to your suggestions to find a starting point for my search and, if necessary, to be able to narrow down what I'm looking for.

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  • Hi,

    wide turbo rear end with less power in the 997 = GTS.

    Also available with WLS, 2s and 4s.

    Also comes in performance but then rather at your upper limit...

    Plus manual gearbox.

    Priced at well below 100 if in very good condition, but you might need 75 or so.

    But I'm really not a GTS expert...

    Go to the GTS topics in the forum.

    Good luck and have fun looking and riding soon.

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  • Sers,

    I would think of the following models in particular:

    :pfeil: 981 S/GTS /(possibly Spyder)

    :pfeil: possibly the 982 GTS 4.0

    These should fulfill most of your criteria:

    - m.e. all available as manual switches

    - all have an emotional B6 naturally aspirated engine directly behind the ear (definitely take SAGA), the 981 GTS with SAGA sounds brutal (neighbors no longer need an alarm clock)... no turbo, no OPF...

    - the power doesn't reach turbo level and is easy to handle / dose thanks to the aspirator, especially on winding roads.

    - driving dynamics and size are brilliant

    - budget technically within your budget

    - depending on the version (cayman/boxster) also a contrast to the 911/997

    - I also think you won't go wrong technically ...

    Whether they are wide enough for you, however, is difficult to judge ...

    Otherwise, I wish you lots of fun with your search ...

    :thumbsup: :wink:

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  • what i forgot... an alternative might be the 996 4S ... also has the turbo body ... and fits your requirements ... however, the vehicle is visually and technically very close to the 997 ...

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  • I have similar thoughts. My 991/2 GTS with "GT3" attributes (manual gearbox, rear-wheel drive, carbon seats etc. etc.) was ultimately too "perfect" and overdone for me. I now have a 997/2 basic PDK, which I really like in its simplicity and contemporary design (built in 2011). Nevertheless, I'm missing something modern that also appeals to me emotionally. I've decided on a Cayman, which I'm still looking for. Not black, manual gearbox, min. 350 hp (I'm a bit of a mess from the GTS), why not 4 cylinders? The 6-cylinder belongs in an 11.... Mid-engine brings it and absolutely suitable in terms of dimensions. Not for nothing is it considered the legitimate successor to the earlier Porsches. Test reports prove its potential and in series production, its performance is desperately held back compared to the 11s. In terms of price, there are interesting offers around 70k. In terms of value, it should remain relatively stable as the last combustion engine in this series. I'm curious to see how I see it in a year or two. Regards


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  • A 997 with 200 - 350 hp, air vents (cool word) and "turbo-wide" bodywork, but contrast with the turbo (so no turbo). Find the mistake - and even with 500 hp you can shift down two gears. Boy, boy. Let's see what else happens here...

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  • 997_1st Thanks for the suggestion, I was also considering the 997 GTS, it appeals to me a lot too. The power is still a bit too much for me though.

    ic20oquj Thank you too, 981 and 982 GTS I currently have a few on my watchlist, probably it will also go in that direction, although of course I would prefer 911s. I have already looked at the Cayman R, which also went very much in the direction of what I want, but visually the Cayman R doesn't pick me up at all.

    Fastlane, I found the error in your understanding of my question. I don't know what your post is supposed to contribute. My point is to find a complement to the 997 Turbo. BSP: a 930 Turbo is in my opinion a stark contrast to the 997 Turbo, yet turbo wide and has < 350 hp, plus it is available as a manual, but well above my budget.

    No matter which car, unfortunately you can't shift down 2 gears from 2nd gear. I don't know how you drive your car on country roads or mountain passes, but with a 997 Turbo there are hardly any gear changes, unless you keep the car at 1.5 - 3.5 revs, but then you don't need to drive a Porsche.

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  • 993 :)

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  • I can really understand that, I also switched from the 997.1 Turbo to the 997 GTS, but it doesn't actually have too much power ;)

    Otherwise, the 997 would also be available as a 4S, and the 'normal' 997.2 should also have the wider rear as an all-wheel drive car, shouldn't it? Its 345 hp is also wonderful to drive / turn, but then definitely with SAGA.

    The 981 GTS and 982 GTS 4.0 are also fantastic, but can't quite be compared with the somewhat outdated (but beautiful) 997. Then perhaps the last 987.2 would come into question, with around 300 horses at the end. It's just not the youngest anymore...

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