Are there sometimes spare parts problems with the US 928?

  • Or are technical parts just as easy to get as in the Euro 928 (up to model year '85)?

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  • Quite irrelevant IMHO.

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  • Hi

    I have an S3 from 86

    You can actually get everything that is available for the others. You just have to search longer sometimes, e.g. for valve cover gasket, fuel line, rubberized washers for the valve cover gasket. Or get in touch with the USA scene.

    But this forum helps mega!

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  • Die gummierten Ansaugbrückendichtungen der letzten S3 Motoren sind nicht mehr zu bekommen.

    Die Papierdichtungen die noch erhältlich sind reichen manchmal nicht aus um verzogene Ansaugbrücken auszugleichen.

  • The rubberized intake manifold gaskets of the last S3 engines are no longer available.

    The paper gaskets that are still available are sometimes not sufficient to compensate for warped intake manifolds.

    I think the gaskets from the S4 fit just as well. At least the entire intake manifold from the S4 fits on the S3. Greetings Thilo

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