Anterior foiling and ceramic sealing costs?

  • Hello everyone,

    My 991.1 has been with me for a few weeks now and of course I've taken advantage of the odd sunny day to take it out for a drive.

    Having only driven classic saloons before, I immediately noticed how susceptible the 911 is to stone chips. As the paintwork is still in good condition, I've recently started to look into paint protection.

    I would like to foil the front of the car and have the rest ceramic coated. A few days ago, I visited a wrapper/detailer in the Rhine-Main area. He made a very serious impression at first glance and is asking €3000 (net) for the work. An XPEL film will be used.

    Of course, it's difficult for me to assess whether the €3000 is fair, so I wanted to ask what you think. How much did you pay?

    Perhaps you can also recommend someone in the Rhine-Main area with whom you have had very good experiences.

    Thank you very much for your help!

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  • Hi, that's quite a hefty price. But it may also be 2 days work plus the cost of the film.
    Just look for CarDetailer, there are a lot who do this very well.

    For me in the Stuttgart region, polishing and ceramic sealing costs around €1000

    Foiling the front again costs a good 600-800 euros.

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  • Wrapping the front is another 600-800 euros.

    That won't be enough - the front wrapping is certainly more expensive (with a decent film)...

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  • Paid € 3,100 for the GT4 last year:

    - Paint correction (not a complete refurbishment)

    - Suntek film (front incl. fenders / lower sill to behind the intake and the intake itself on the side / trunk edge or lower spoiler)

    - Everything that was not wrapped was ceramic sealed

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  • Hello everyone,

    I have been having all my vehicles reconditioned in the same way for years:

    1. paint correction

    2. wrapping the front and side skirts

    3. sealing everything

    My "vehicle refiner" uses the following products:

    - servFaces Graphene sealant

    - Xpel stone chip protection film

    Depending on the film required, 3,000 - 3,500 euros is perfectly normal as the film is not the cheapest to buy.

    But so far I have never regretted it. Even on our R8, which was often driven at over 300 km/h, there were no punctures from stones.

    We even had our Spyder completely wrapped with Xpel.

    My tuner is based in the Rhein Main area. If you are interested, please write me a PN.



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  • I also had my 718 GTS 4.0 partially wrapped. I have the following parts wrapped:

    1. Front
    2. mudguards
    3. Mirrors
    4. A-pillar
    5. Roof attachment
    6. Side skirts
    7. The lower area behind the rear wheels

    I paid about 3000€. As I come from Vienna, I looked for a great wrapper here. The company is called TMWRAPS and the owner has a world champion title in wrapping. (World Wrap Master 2019)

    The vehicle (new car) was transported from the service center to the wrapper on a trailer and picked up again before delivery. Super service, I can only recommend it.

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  • 991.2 Turbo S

    Remove old film, repair stone chips, refurbish.

    Wrapping: complete front, A-pillars, roof front to sunroof, exterior mirrors 7nd rear fenders front.

    Then complete ceramic sealing incl. wheels and glass, 2600 €

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  • Tip: You can recognize a good ceramic sealant by the fact that no stickers adhere to it.

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  • Then the 3000€ yes doesn't seem completely absurd.

    What about approved? Could there be problems there? I would like to get approved soon (after 3 months of registration in my name).

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  • I have the same problem with my 991.1 at the moment. Costs with Xpel, complete roof, reconditioning and ceramic sealing at just under 3k incl. tax. The car will be there for a week.

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    Mittfünfziger und gerade dabei, so langsam das Leben zu entschleunigen :) :)