PSM failure with solution

  • Two weeks ago, the message "PSM failure" appeared in the display

    Immediately there was also "Gearbox emergency run". PDK still shifted but very gently

    Engine performance was fine.

    Read out:


    - U0418 CAN error brake

    - P1991 Engine torque input not possible

    - U0155 CAN time out instrument cluster

    - U0146 CAN time out gateway

    - U0401 CAN error engine


    - C200 Error control unit motor electronics (drive)


    - C202 Error control unit PSM (drive)


    - P2302 Cylinder 1 rod end module soft shutdown

    - P0351 Cylinder 1 rod end module

    All errors cleared. Everything back to normal. After a short drive (3-4 km) same error again

    Yes, how/where do you start?

    I monitored the battery voltage with an oscilloscope while driving and drove until the error occurred. Looked good

    I also monitored the four wheel sensors and all accelerating sensors while driving and drove until the error occurred. Also looked good.

    Measured the CAN drive signals. Looks as it should.

    What next?

    A friend advised me to contact Auto Resto in Nimegen Netherlands. They knew about this error and the solution was very nice: Zund coil 1 has a breakdown. This causes a radio interference which causes some control units to fail.

    I then replaced all the ignition coils and plugs

    I have driven 300 km to date without any faults!



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    997 mk2 Turbo S coupe 2012 94.000 km

    993 4S coupe Handschalter 1996, 185.000 km

  • Good to know, thanks for sharing.

    That's exactly why the forum is so valuable.

    Greetings from Bavaria

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  • Super helpful contribution - spontaneously I would have guessed the ignition coil - nice that it was nothing worse and that it runs well again :thumb:

    LG OliB

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  • I had the same problem this year, including the error message engine control light and please visit the workshop.

    Incidentally, in my case it was also the cylinder 1 coil.

    I then replaced all 6 coils and also the brake light switch so that I could sleep better. Just like the motto when it's in the workshop...

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  • Hello everyone,

    First of all, many thanks to Hans for the detailed explanation of the phenomenon.

    For some time now, I have also been able to look at the warning light in my car with the comment "Engine diagnostics - workshop".

    ... somehow a bad feeling.

    After the error was cleared and the service center technician told me that there was nothing to worry about, I can't explain why the warning is active again. The car runs wonderfully in every situation.

    After what I've learned here, I'm wondering whether I should change the ignition coils on spec.

    Perhaps an "EMP" is also causing trouble.

    Best regards


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  • I had exactly the same error...

    Why ignition coil 1 of all things fails so often...that would be interesting to know...

    Do any of you know what the cause could be?

    Parallel to the coil, the pre-cat lambda sensor was also out of order.

    MK01, 3.8L, 355PS

    Thank you very much.

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