I want to switch from Tesla to Taycan!

  • I often drive at 180 km/h in the local area, but on long journeys I tend to drive between 130 and 140 km/h, because otherwise the power consumption increases dramatically. (But it shouldn't be any different with the Porsche, it's just a matter of concept

    Driving faster always means significantly higher energy consumption. Also. With the. Combustion engine. This has nothing to do with a "concept". And consumption always (!!) increases not just linearly, but significantly more.

    Just as an aside :)

    On the actual topic: the reasons for or against something are usually subjective. There is often a lot of emotion or similar involved. Everyone will make the right decision for themselves, regardless of the direction they take. And if you're not happy with it afterwards, you have to come to terms with it or change your decision.

    If someone likes the Tesla better or for whatever reason, that's okay. And if someone prefers a Porsche, that's okay too. :)

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  • It's great that you can now use the Superchargers with third-party vehicles. However, not all Superchargers are approved, only the larger ones.

    You need to be aware of this and the price for third-party vehicles without a subscription is slightly higher than for Tesla, but generally still cheaper than other providers such as IONITY.

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  • Many great contributions, thank you!

    The driver in me wants to go back to Porsche (used to drive 911s)

    The businessman in me is currently struggling a bit with the poor leasing factor at Porsche.

    You realize that Porsche sells enough as it is and sees no need for attractive offers.

    While I've been buying for the last few years, I'd like to lease again at the moment, as the price stability of electric cars has fallen sharply and I don't want to be part of this bet (but indirectly I am (leasing factor 1.64)).

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  • A little tip: you can also use the Supercharger network with the Taycan. :thumb:

    Unfortunately, not all of them.

    I wanted to try this 3 weeks ago and use it as a backup solution in case all IONITYs in St. Valentin are occupied. There are 6 Superchargers right next door, but not open to other brands k:timeout:

    They should finally unlock ALL Superchargers, then I would like to try it and would be a very good alternative :kwink:

    (By the way, IONITY was well attended that day but only full after me) k:shock

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  • True, unfortunately not all of them. Aston with 32 SUC would only be 12km away from St.Valentin. 🙂

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  • Aston with 32 SUC would only be 12km from St.Valentin 🙂

    Yes, I found that too, but I had to drive through Linz to change to the A7 and then the B139. I'm really into electromobility but I don't take any detours. If it's on the way (+/- 5km) I say ok, but not if I have to drive further and then the same route back again 8:-) :rf:

    As soon as all Superchargers are open, I delete EnBW and register with Tesla (only in the app, no Tesla under the carport 8o )

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    991.2 GT3RS, Audi RS3 8Y, VW T6 Multivan LR

  • I wouldn't even know which Tesla chargers are approved because I don't know them all. But I have the app and it automatically shows me the ones I can use. Especially when I look towards Portugal, i.e. France and Spain as a route, I see a perfectly valid network that is suitable as a back-up to Ionity's good network. So if I were to plan a route in advance, I would save a handful of Tesla stations along the route as favorites in my car as a back-up. Because if you have the choice, in my case they are only suitable as a fallback solution. The average charging speed is definitely 50% higher with Ionity. However, this may not matter if you are traveling with a larger group. Because then it is often the case that people need a longer break than the car. And what are we talking about here? We're talking about 20 minutes versus 30 minutes...

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  • This is an example of the problem. When I drive with the Tesla, I have a Supercharger available about every 70-100 km and only the very large charging stations with 30 charging columns upwards are activated for third-party vehicles. that's definitely something, but Tesla will never completely activate the smaller charging parks because otherwise they will scare away their regular customers (imagine, today the Supercharger was completely occupied and there were only third-party vehicles)

    Incidentally, that would also be a reason for me to sell the Tesla, because then you lose the unique selling point that makes the car unique in the overall concept with the Supercharger at the moment.

    Incidentally, I think that's the main problem in Germany. We have the greatest car companies in the world. Why haven't they agreed on a joint venture and created a charging network like Tesla is presenting? Both politics and the economy have really missed something when an American company is building a perfect private charging network in Germany and Europe and the German manufacturers are once again limiting themselves to small small. The very concept of plugging in the car and going away via the app. Monitoring the charging process and billing is ingenious. How often have I failed in cities because of the charging concept? I was recently in Düsseldorf. You can't charge via app or QR code, you even need a charging card from the public utility company. That's technology from the day before yesterday and electric mobility. In Germany, it would help if a completely standardized charging concept were urgently developed here.

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