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  • Unterwalder car care service

    You and your car can benefit from in-depth expertise in cleaning and care and comprehensive extra services, such as the all-round carefree package or the pick-up, delivery and care service. As a certified Swissvax partner and brand ambassador, Unterwalder stands for outstanding service.

    The highest standards when it comes to care

    When a brilliant performance is required, we are at the starting line. Because we love what we do. Our loyal customers sense and reward this. As a service partner of renowned brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, we support numerous exhibitions and events throughout Germany with our services.

    In-depth expertise and a passion for perfection

    Nothing is as unchangeable as change - but one thing is constant with us: absolute attention to detail. We have been offering an all-round service for vehicles for more than 25 years.

    Reliable pick-up, delivery and care service

    We drive your freshly maintained car directly to your door or transfer your vehicle to the location of your choice. On request, your vehicle can also be optimally stored and looked after on our premises all year round or seasonally.

    All-round service for your vehicles

    We cooperate with specialist partners such as upholsterers and painters. If repairs are necessary, we will arrange an appointment, take your vehicle to our partner workshop and then bring it back to you in top condition - without any effort on your part. Our colleagues invest all their love for cars in your vehicle. Our specialists will professionally remove dents, change wheels and repair rims - all you have to do is get in and enjoy your next drive.

    Understanding your requirements

    We are passionate about perfectly maintained vehicles. And of course for our customers too - as a service provider, we understand how you think.

    Certified Swissvax partner

    We only use the highest quality products from our cooperation partner Swissvax to clean and care for your car. Cleaning by hand with the Swissvax Dual washing system, paint protection with Swissvax products or the all-round carefree package. After an expert consultation, we decide together with you what level of care we can give your car. We will do everything we can to satisfy your needs.

    Moving emotions

    With our new image film, we show you in moving images what we mean by passion for car care.

    Unterwalder car care service

    Düsterhauptstraße 17

    13469 Berlin

    Phone 030 4028878

    Fax 030 13896265

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