Uni-black or basalt black metallic, advantages and disadvantages

  • because I take very good care of the cars

    That's exactly the problem. :])

    If you treat something with care because you are meticulous, you automatically have corresponding demands and plain black can be very (unnecessarily) stressful.

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  • "Armpas" wrote , white is no better . I can't imagine that at all, why ?



    You can come and have a look - especially in rainy weather!

    You can see every drop or the dirt left behind, as well as every pollen etc....

    When cleaning, even the smallest impurity / streak remains "standing", which you can't see in black because it simply "disappears" in the dark.

    In summer, you have typical tar spots or even mosquitoes on it - even if it's not completely gone, you won't see it on black after a rough wash... On white, you can try all the cleaners until something gets the stains off 100% (tip: WD40 - or car wax).

    So black is coming back into my house (also because in my opinion it is simply the most beautiful)... in future I will avoid white like the devil avoids holy water!!!

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    Gruß Armin alias ARMPAS... hat nach X dicken Moppeds vor Jahren auf den Boxster gewechselt :drive: später auf Boxster "S plus" :roargh:

  • Regarding white: up to a very wide point, you can hardly see any dust on the car, you don't see any (dried) light-colored water spots on the car (especially with ceramic sealing), you see little to no holograms. I also see the aforementioned (usually light-colored) streaks much more with black. ?:-(

    Personally, I also think that light-colored cars look better dirty than dark ones. Probably because I find dark dirt "nicer" as a contrast than light dirt. :]) But that is admittedly subjective.

    I think white is great for a maintenance polish, because you can always see immediately what's going on and also notice the success straight away.

    You gave the best example: Flyspeck after a ride.

    With black, you tend to leave it on or don't always remove it 100% immediately.

    Black is therefore much more annoying in the long run.

    Rinsing off quickly in between is also much easier with white because you can see immediately where you've been. With black, it's always a "poking around in the fog" and the car is usually not noticeably cleaner afterwards. With white, you can see the difference immediately.

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  • I also have a white racer, the stains from rubber abrasion and tar go away well with isopropanol! Much better than with WD 40...

    What do you have against foiling ?

    I will take my next one black uni and have it wrapped with xpel plus ceramic sealant...

    Also seal the rims and brake calipers.

    I can then get by with 2-4 washes over the year (in winter use only without salt or snow)!


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  • my kroko is uni-black and is used as a commuter vehicle all year round in all weathers. most of the time i drive through the car wash, only rarely do i blast it with the kärcher and dry it with these large microfiber cloths.

    no problem at all if you apply the term "used item". 😉

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  • Shine a flashlight/ScanGrip on the paint... You'll see the horror... Uni-black and car wash is certainly the worst combination you can do to yourself...

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  • There you see the horror...

    Even with black metallic, it makes you cry.

    My ritual after a hand wash is usually the subsequent warm-up and dry run at the regular gas station. They have very good lighting and when it's dark, that's enough for:str:Emotionally, I'm always on the verge of a post-shift date with the polishing machine. :freu:

    And the car is only ever washed by hand and usually gets new ceramics once a year.

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  • Hello,

    Our vehicles are almost always black, the two Caymans are plain black.

    The 987 has been with me for 12 years. I like to hand wash it when the weather is nice, but I don't do it in winter.

    Then it goes through the car wash. At a rough estimate, it has probably been through a car wash 100 times. To this day, it hasn't even been polished.

    The 982 is brand new and has NEVER seen a car wash.

    But that will change.

    In other words: the 987 hasn't been harmed, if the fine scratches and swirls bother you, you can polish it.

    It doesn't bother me. It's just a VEHICLE. You can always polish it, e.g. before selling it.

    We still have a Cupra in midnight-black metallic, which looks just like the 987, so it makes no difference to me whether it's plain or metallic.

    Greetings Ralf :drive:

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    :drive: :drive:

    Porsche Cayman, Bj. 2011

    Porsche Cayman T, Bj. 2023


  • Hi Ralf, thanks for your feedback, it shows once again how different everyone's attitude to a car is.

    Vehicles are there to be driven, of course you are right and long downtimes are not good.

    and it has to be moved regularly, just not in winter.

    I recently took my wife's MINI (which she drives every day) to the garage because of rattling noises,

    All the chassis parts were affected by rust.

    I'm more like "Don-Pedro" and wash all the cars by hand.

    In any case, a Cayman in black, whether plain or metallic, always looks good.

    If your 987 doesn't have any dents or scratches, I'm sure it can be restored. You can offer it to me if it's for sale.

    is for sale .

    Best regards from the cold north of Saxony


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  • with uni black it will be very difficult with WASHING FACILITIES IMHO.

    but I don't want to put my jet-black metallic Fitzer through that either.

    this CARE PROTOCOL IS OPTIMAL FOR ME ]:-) :thumbsup: 8:-)

    LG Klaus



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