Uni-black or basalt black metallic, advantages and disadvantages

  • Hello dear fans ,

    I don't have a Cayman myself yet, but during my search I noticed that there were models in metallic or in uni-black, I assume if you didn't make a cross when ordering, there was uni-black.

    What is your experience with the two colors ? I mean in terms of scratches/holograms ?

    Best regards from North Saxony


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  • Hi,

    This has been discussed here several times before. There is nothing that shines more than plain black when the car is freshly washed, polished and clean - at least for a few minutes.

    No need for a car wash, so everything has to be cleaned by hand - so my tip: Hands off!

    After two Cayennes in plain black, I was so fed up that I swore "never again". And I've stuck to it so far and will continue to do so.

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  • Black metallic is less sensitive to holograms and swirls. Small scratches occur in the same way as with plain black, but you don't see them as clearly.

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    Viele Grüße von Thomas

    991.1 C2S, EZ 9.11.12 "indischrot oder nichts" ]:-)

  • I have uni-black on my Cayman. Even now, after 12 years, the car - freshly washed - is beautiful. It's not a daily though, has only 64,000 km on it and has never been driven in winter. Sure, the black is more sensitive than gray, but it's not that bad. White, yellow or red is no better.

    Greetings Martin

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    Wahre Worte sind selten schön und schöne Worte selten wahr

  • My Boxster 987 is plain black. You can see every little scratch. I wouldn't buy plain black again. I think metallic paint is much less sensitive.

    Greetings Björn

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  • I once had a 5 series BMW in uni black once and never again and I'm a care claus.

    Greetings mclaren

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    Haben ist besser wie brauchen :drive:

  • Hi everyone, I still have an SL in black metallic. Black is really only recommended for someone who likes cleaning, rarely drives and keeps their car covered in the garage.

    You don't even need to drive, 10 minutes of spring air on the garage driveway and I can see every crumb of pollen on the black paint.

    In my experience, silver and white are much less sensitive ... but not as beautiful :thumbsup:

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  • If you are sensitive, black is not the perfect color (but the most beautiful :]))...

    I still have an A5 Cabrio in white - it's no better!!!

    My best vehicle to maintain was silver metallic. But it looks a bit like grandma and grandpa (some say) :old:

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    Gruß Armin alias ARMPAS... hat nach X dicken Moppeds vor Jahren auf den Boxster gewechselt :drive: später auf Boxster "S plus" :roargh:

  • I have uni black and after 8 weeks I had it completely foiled with xpel!

    That makes the whole thing stress-free!

    I would do foil anyway, no matter what paint, it couldn't be easier to maintain! The films are so good today!

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  • Thanks for your comments ,

    since I am now looking for a used 987.2 , I have to make compromises , of course , because the selection is not so lush .

    Sometimes I find one in metallic but with Alcantara , then again one in uni-black with full leather . you will never find the perfect one .

    I would also take uni black, because I take very good care of the car and a garage is already ready for it :).

    Foil ? I'm not a friend of "Armpas" wrote , white is no better . I can't imagine that at all - why ?

    Best regards


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