Cayman 718 buying advice

  • They would easily be 5% more expensive today with more kilometers and age. The S possibly 10% because of the equipment

    Can you say that owning and using a 718 currently costs nothing?

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  • I can talk a little from the sewing box.

    I bought a cayman base with reasonable equipment as a demonstrator in 2018. Cost at that time (car was 12/2017 with 8000km) 59.000€.

    During my ownership phase I had the following costs:

    - 2 inspections - approx. 2000€

    - 4 years approved extended - approx. 3800€

    - winter tires & rims approx. 2000€

    - new summer tires approx. 1000€

    - new brake pads approx. 300€

    Let's leave out insurance and tax. Someone also once willfully scratched my spoiler, which I had painted for 700€.

    Due to an accident that was not my fault (front apron and pdc was replaced, bissl paint) I got

    - Compensation for depreciation of 2000€

    The car unfortunately had an engine fire in August 2023, I had 68,000km on it in the meantime (so 60000 driven), the insurance paid me out


    I actually wanted to buy a gts 4.0 at the beginning of 2023 and advertised mine in the summer - the maximum I was offered was €52,000 (and the kind of bollocks I had to deal with!) I wanted €54,000 as a minimum. It went very slowly and I really had to deal with 99% disturbed people, so I decided not to advertise any more.


    Paid. 59.000€

    Invested €9,100 in 5 years 3 months

    Makes a total of 68.100€


    Insurance 57.500€

    Compensation. 2.000€

    Makes 59.500€

    So I effectively paid €8,600 in 63 months.

    In my case, it wasn't completely free :) but extremely cheap

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  • So I effectively paid €8,600 in 63 months.

    It wasn't completely free in my case :) but extremely cheap

    Thank you very much, really very interesting!

    In 63 months, my Telekom mobile phone contracts with data flat rate cost me noticeably more..🤔

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  • You have to say it would be more if I had finally sold privately. But even then we're talking about around €13,000, which is cheaper than leasing a VW Polo or Hyundai i30 for 5 years with all the associated costs (private leasing).

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  • Thanks for your story, super interesting to know.

    You can never estimate how much it will cost you over the next few years, as you can see from your example. Nobody has a crystal ball either, which means that the end of the combustion engine in 2024 and a possible price increase or at least no loss are also just speculation. I buy the car because I want to, I can't influence anything else anyway.

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  • Is it different for used cars in the PZ?

    In my case, there was nothing at the PZ back then. Either I take it or I don't. That was March 2021.

    That's how I know it from x sales talks and a few purchases.

    And then the car is still reduced by a four-digit amount two weeks later. :hilferuf:

    But you don't need to expect them to get in touch again. *8)

    I've been watching a 718 T since the beginning of November. It has now been reduced by 4500 €. At the beginning of November, I once contacted a salesman at the same Porsche Center where I had already bought two Porsches. At that time even at the original price. Response, reaction and behavior since then see above.

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  • That's the way they are, the sellers are on a high horse... They try to hold the high price for a long time and not give in.

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    718 Grüße

    Porsche 718 Cayman GTS, Bj 2019

    Audi S2 Limousine 1 of 306, Bj. 1994
    911 3.2er 1984 930/21 indischrot

  • I will never understand this kind of sales behavior. If you even alienate regular customers. I can understand it when someone just comes in and immediately wants discounts without end.

    Then not even calling a customer you know back when you know that the car is being marked down shows a weakness in sales or arrogance that is misplaced.

    I have had similar experiences in some cases, actually good experiences when I first bought, but there were also other times in 2018. Bissl discount, nice advice and processing.

    After that it was always catastrophic and arrogant.

    A good seller gives you a good feeling even if the purchase is not finalized (as long as the buyer behaves reasonably)

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  • Maybe it has something positive and the car I wanted will be reduced again in 1-2 months :) wait and see

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  • A good start to the week to everyone.

    The last Cayman I wanted to buy was snatched from under my nose :D

    Now the search continues, I know which optional extras are important to me, but I hadn't given much thought to the year

    I hadn't given much thought to the year of construction/year of manufacture for the OPF.

    Unfortunately, Youtube is not really helpful when it comes to this topic and test drives are incredibly difficult

    because the 5 nearest PZs don't have a single Cayman.

    I think I have found out that the Caymans are still non-OPF until August 2018 and sound better with SAGA

    than cars after 2018 with OPF and also the brand new ones where SAGA is "standard".

    So I keep an eye out for used cars up to 2018 without too many kilometers that still have good equipment and

    preferably in my desired color and at a great price and with Porsche Approved.
    So I could have played the lottery directly :)

    My question to you: How massive is the difference in sound between, say, a 2020 Cayman (S) and a 2016-2018 with SAGA Cayman (S)?

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