Gateway not coded

  • I have Durametric and an ICarsoft.

    Both show gateway not coded or coded incorrectly.

    Can anyone say something about this ?

    Otherwise everything seems to work.

    Greetings Peter

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    Porsche Cayenne - 9PA/957 - 0583/ABH - 3.6FSI VR6 24V 4X4 - 2008 - 185.000 km

    Durametric Easy :thumbup-alternative:

    ICARSOFT CR PRO :thumbup-alternative:

  • Hello Peter,

    With me it is Chassis Control, which is supposed to be not present according to Durametric... that I could not read out yesterday, I wanted to check the wheel sensors.

    I do have an early 957, which is a bitch to read out anyway.

    Unfortunately my laptop was empty, so I couldn't investigate that deeper. I can imagine, however, that possibly in the first models control units of the 955 were installed. Therefore I will select another vehicle at Durametric.

    Maybe it works for you too

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