M96.01 conversion near Strasbourg?

  • Hello!

    I recently bought a 996 whose engine unfortunately broke two weeks ago (noise that sounds like a connecting rod bearing).

    Possibly it has something to do with a recent IMS swap (I'm waiting for the workshop diagnosis), but in any case I'm looking for a Porsche specialist in Baden-Württemberg, as there are no M96 engine repairers in Alsace.

    Can you recommend me someone?

    Many thanks in advance,


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  • Thanks for the reply - I have spoken to both specialists at Arnould. Both are indeed very knowledgeable.

    In the end, the car was taken to Atelier9 in Colmar. No engine rebuild was necessary, the problem turned out to be a stuck valve lifter and was solved by an oil change....

    ... until last Sunday! After 300 km of highway driving (with a few fast moments, 230-250) and just as I arrived at the gas station next to my house, the car started to jerk at 2-3000 rpm and the valve lifter went on and off. I turned the car off and turned it back on and the noise did not come back. Last night I drove 5k miles, and again there was no noise, although the engine seemed to shake a little at idle. There are no lights or error codes on the computer.

    The car also ticks for 30-60 seconds on cold start, but that seems to be common with these engines (maybe a bad tensioner?).

    What has been your experience with valve lifter problems on these cars? My 911 was rarely driven before I bought it (800-900 km/year for the last 10 years), so maybe driving it again will bring some minor problems.

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  • "...The car also ticks at cold start for 30-60 seconds, but this seems to be common with these engines (maybe a bad tensioner?)..."

    ...this can be when it has been standing for a longer period of time (approx. 1 week) and the hydraulic tappets have possibly run dry, it then takes a moment until they have full oil pressure again.

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