Tutorial or removal / installation instructions air conditioning control panel

  • The removal of the air conditioning control panel is very simple (from 1980), goes in 10 minutes without any special knowledge!

    1. remove the center air nozzle. E.g. with a 90 degree bent, front round tool. Or simply use a metal handled spatula to carefully pry outside of frame. Pull the lamella unit forward as shown, first a little on the left, then on the right and if necessary on the left again.

    2. another, simpler possibility: carefully pull the center air nozzle directly towards you with both hands, at the ventilation slots. Do not tilt it. It can be pulled out very easily!

    Next, remove the H-shaped panel from the climate control panel and radio. I used the same 90 degree tool. Pull up slightly (towards the center vent opening) and use your fingers to pull it out. On leathered center consoles, the trim sits a bit tight. In this case, it is easier if a second person pulls the outer frame of the center console outward a few mm so that the frame has a little more play. 4.

    4. do NOT remove the radio!

    5. The climate control panel is attached with four Phillips screws (2 on each side). The small AC panel/switch is attached with two Phillips screws (1 on each side). Unscrew all 6 screws, secure with flex magnet lifter to keep from falling off.

    Next, pull out the narrow AC panel only about 5-8cm, then the climate control panel . Pull out the two plugs on the A/C control panel (see arrows), first the plug on the side for the fan, then the flat plug on the back (model years 19080-1983 have two flat plugs!).
    Pull out the control panel completely.

    7. done! Installation exactly the other way round.

    Attached is a youtube video :

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    As already mentioned: Do not remove the radio awkwardly, is completely useless for this

    Good luck ! :thumb:


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