Timing chain tensioner or timing chain

  • Hello, when my Boxster 986 idle time is longer than 2-3 hours, the Steurkette rattles when restarting. Maybe 1-2 seconds. I would like to narrow it down if it is both after 200 TKm, or with the replacement of the tensioners(think 2 pieces) there is a significant improvement. Could the tensioners also be removed and tested? Or only see/hear a result by buying new? Love greetings,Uwe

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  • ...made mine also...with thick oil that should disappear, as Mann can read here... :thumb:

    Mine had the 5w40 from Shell in it. That was cheap at MacOil at the time... :wink:

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  • Does not disappear completely even with 10 W 60 .... have it for over 12 years ... at the beginning it was strange ... have renewed all chain tensioners, by the way, it is Porsche repair program that it would be normal because the chain tensioners run empty and it would not be a warranty or defect.

    I drive but time the also always 10 W 60 and still treat him to a ceramic additive from Liqi Moly

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