"Cheap" 986 useful for slalom?

  • If you say so, then that's probably how it will be. The 9X6 engines had some weak points, so another one that nobody noticed doesn't matter anymore.


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    Nach 320'000 Spiegeleiern kann die Kantine nicht so schlecht gewesen sein!
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  • This has nothing to do with opinion. You can read about it with simple research. You are also welcome to contact a repairer or Porsche itself.

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  • In car forums, all negative "could be" errors are always addressed. And then zero-awareness buyers stand in front of one, and ask everything even with a top vehicle. Corrosive. I am different. If the general price fits, and the vehicle pleases, I buy it. And of course old vehicles have faults. But in the course of life, everything evens out.

    Says the ,...... who also already after a 911 purchase 100 km later had an engine failure. :)

    Kind regards, Uwe

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