718 Spyder RS owner/order thread

  • they are building around 14,000 SRS and 4RS lifetimes in total in osnabrück. i have no idea about the distribution.

    ..... I've heard something similar before

    The plan was probably 7,900 GT4RS (from 10-2022) to 07-2025 and 5,700 Spyder RS (07-2023-07-2025)
    Whether this will still be achieved after the initially meagre production figures.....
    What has not been completed for the EU can no longer be made up for.....
    But Porsche will try to stick to the business plan, especially as the electric vehicles have to be subsidized....

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  • Anyone here already got WRG9 action? Recode instrument cluster ? Faulty software regarding headlight alignment ?

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  • Today the RS (EZ 12/23 with approx. 1,600 km) was picked up by a PZ. This means it is 99% sold (subject to a technical/optical inspection by the center, but I don't expect any surprises here).

    I'm sure some of you will be interested to know what the market or interest in the Spyder RS was like. This is of course an individual report and has no claim to general validity. It is possible that vehicles with a different configuration or, for example, with VAT shown will sell better. Or even if someone has more patience and perhaps finds just the right buyer at some point.

    I offered the Spyder RS via this thread, via Ferdineo, via Mobile and via the PORSCHE purchase platform(https://sell.porsche.com/de/de-DE). In terms of price, I was the cheapest RS on the net at the time of the advertisement with the lowest mark-up on the LP (in the end, I only wanted the money I had paid and put into the car). To anticipate, nobody was waiting for the offer 😅

    There was no serious private interest via the PFF, but at least I was able to find a car center via the forum that would have paid a good price for the car. Thanks again for that.

    There was also no serious interest via Mobile, but at least a compliment on how nice the car is 😃

    The PORSCHE purchase platform was the winner of the campaign for me. On the one hand, data entry was quick, free and uncomplicated. And secondly, there was actually a purchase offer that almost matched my expectations. You simply receive the offers by e-mail as soon as a PZ is interested at a specific price. Of course, it's impossible to know when and how many offers will come in. Within less than a week I received 4 offers, I had previously selected all of the service centers in Germany. However, there was quite a big difference between the purchase offers. There was a difference of €38,000 between the "worst" and "best" offer.

    Since there were a few messages about the parts, almost all of the installed parts had already been picked up by a nice forum member. It was a pleasure to meet you in person. All that's left is the key cover in sharkblue, the RS valve caps and the Alcantara key case. If anyone is interested, just send me a personal message.

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  • Would you like to post a link to the purchase platform? A friend wants to offer his GT 4

    Thank you very much

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  • Very interesting, thanks for that! So much for the increase in value of so-called special models!

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  • Anyone here already got WRG9 action? Recode instrument cluster ? Faulty software regarding headlight alignment ?

    Yes, for my Spyder. Had MOT at the PZ, was done at the same time.


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