996 Turbo Insurance

  • P.S..

    And specify the performance increase directly ;)

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    Gruß Thomas

    997.1 turbo Bj. 2008. :drive::bolt:
    „Eine Garage ohne Porsche 911 ist doch ein ödes, leeres Loch!“ (Walter Röhrl)

    BMW X3 (G01) xDrive30d

  • I emigrate to DE, only liability with tax 2800€

    Then rather DomRep

    Liability insurance 996 Turbo: 150€/year

    Tax: 25€/year

    Who pays less? :rf:

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    Meine ehemaligen und aktuellen porsches:
    924 (verkauft)
    944 S2 (verkauft)
    Boxster 986 Non S mit 3,2 Liter (verkauft)
    Cayenne S 955 (verkauft)

    Cayenne Turbo 958 (aktuell)

    996 Turbo RS (aktuell)

    991.2 GT3RS Weissach (aktuell)

    Member of: Porsche Club República Dominicana
    Club 9Once República Dominicana

    "Die guten Fahrer haben die Fliegen auf der Seitenscheibe kleben" (Walter Röhrl, der beste Rallye Fahrer aller zeiten)

  • VK with 1000 SB, TK 150 SB, 430 Euro per year

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  • That would be to consider, no one sticks to the roads, inflation no issue fuel cheap and the whole year summer, check times with pension fund and come to you as a marginal employee :thumbsup: :drive:

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  • Ok have now the car with the performance enhancement and without times at a HDI agency with SF25 comprehensive insurance with SB500 calculate let.

    Without performance enhancement costs the VK €250

    With performance enhancement (390 KW) the car costs €450.

    So topic done, will be re-insured with performance enhancement at HDI.

    Interesting is that the standard rate was €90 cheaper as at Check 24 ...

    Again what learned, I would not have thought. Have also equal to the 993 newly insured!

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    Porsche 996tt Coupe & Porsche 993 Coupe & SQ5 = 1005 +/- 200PS]:-)

  • Check24 is for the stupid. :lol:

    It's not a charity, and they have to pay for their expensive TV ads out of something.

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