Battery empty, how to open the trunk?

  • Hello to the round,

    first to me: my name is Bernd and I have a 992 targa 4S since last fall. After the car has now been in the garage for almost 8 weeks, nothing worked today when trying to open via the FB. The car is completely dead, I could open it with the mechanicne key.

    A CTEK for Li-battery is present, but I can't get the trunk open to connect that.

    Can someone from the expert circle possibly give me a tip on how to open the trunk?

    I have not found anything here in the forum.

    Thanks and many greetings


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  • Lift door handle once and try again with remote control ;)

    The electronics will go into hibernation

    But if already open simply connect the ctek via the cigarette lighter

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  • Lift door handle once and try again with remote control ;)

    The electronics will go into hibernation

    But if already open just connect the ctek via the cigarette lighter.

    Thanks for the tip.

    Lifting the door handle did not work. Have now connected the CTEK in the passenger footwell, but does not seem to charge. The LED on the CTEK is solid green at first and then flashes, there is no voltage on the other LED`s.

    Is there any other chance to open the trunk?

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  • My collected findings, should answer all questions😉

    If the battery is in protection, the below procedure, otherwise the sequence limax has presented several times works when approaching the socket in the passenger footwell.

    I have carried out the following instructions myself in consultation with my PZ and it really is the case that you have to go directly to the disconnected negative terminal, otherwise the protective function is not cancelled.

    The socket in the footwell switches off, you have to go to the battery. First plus to the battery, then minus to the tap. If the battery has disconnected from the electrical system, proceed as described below. If you have further questions, I will send you my number by PN and we can talk on the phone. I could already help some people here in the forum by remote diagnosis.

    As a supplement to my contribution at that time;

    Unlock the driver's door with the emergency key (in the lower front part of the key, pull it out with your fingernail). Pull the door handle up to the maximum, insert the emergency key at an angle and close it against resistance. The charger switches to maintenance mode after about 1 to 2 days. So your 48 h should easily be enough.

    I had already written elsewhere (992 S Cabrio experience after 1/2 year).

    Goes with me only about battery in the trunk, ie also for conservation plastic cover off.

    Note what is installed, lead or lithium, had to buy new charger suitable for both

    Maintenance function (clamp from charger to plus battery and minus to tap).

    Am now, by the way, in the (battery) care function😅 A bit more complicated than with the 991, where the passenger socket has not yet switched off.

    But the advantage is the separation of the lithium battery from the electrical system as undervoltage protection. Turns off just everything, so that even the trunk can be opened more. I have therefore purchased an additional Dino power pack for emergencies, for emergency unlocking in the footwell.

    When triggered undervoltage protection (connection to the vehicle off, clamp from the charger to plus and minus of the battery):

    Had to go to battery minus, of course disconnected, because otherwise the new Porsche charger does not recognize the lithium battery, as it is completely disconnected from the vehicle electrical system. The charger must bypass this undervoltage protection by deactivating it. So connect the battery directly to negative and then hold 10 seconds mode. Have first also tried via the negative tap, but then came immediately error message. Is probably due to the new battery in combination with the new charger for lead and lithium.

    Everything in consultation with PZ. Was also new to me, but is the 992 with lithium so.

    That he has a strut, I did not know.

    Now had to disconnect the entire battery again, because the engine symbol lit up. After two hours back to the mains, started twice and it was gone. Is probably so that by the undervoltage protection and the renewed activation of the lithium ion battery an error of the engine control unit is filed.

    In any case, I am now well informed about the charging issue.




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    Footwell driver's side pull out red plus fuse, minus to screws door hinge, press booster, trunk opens.

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  • Thank you, Key Largo,

    I'll order one of these from the big river and try it that way.

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  • Enclosed still the picture description!

    Either an appropriate battery pack or simply use a car battery for the emergency release!

    And please do not close the door as long as the car is without power, otherwise either the window or the door strip will be broken!

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  • THANKS at all


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  • Super, my CS is now almost 2 months in the underground garage ~:-|, hope he starts after hibernation, but see it coming me blooms the same....

    PS: Thanks for the post...

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  • I say thank you!!!! Forgot to plug in the charger before vacation and poof, just that.

    Small additional info: I use the ctek LiPo Charger and there the button is called "Reset", but at the end it does the same. The battery makes a short click and then the charger starts the normal charging process.

    Question: The can now first so finished charging and when that is done, I take the charger first again and then connect the battery again to the negative terminal, correct?


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